Overnight Sensation

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Overnight Sensation

Garrett Stokes is a Special Ops hero, having a movie made about his capture and torture behind enemy lines. Ivy James is the actress selected to star as the missionary who finds him, hides him from the drug cartel looking for him, tends to him and helps him get out of the country. There’s just one little hitch. The director, Garrett’s brother-in-law, has taken a little “artistic liscence” with the relationship between Garrett and his rescuer. One other small problem, Garrett has been in love with Ivy since he shared a hospital room with her brother, and pushed his brother-in-law the director to hire her for the part.
What will happen when Ivy finds all this out? She reacts as most of us would probably react, with anger and feelings of betrayal and flinging of words that hurt.
Ms. Foley writes of two very different worlds in this tale, and manages to mix them with bits of humor, bits of truth and pain, and bits of perfectly written dialogue. I finished this book in about 4 hours and was captivated all the way through. Well done and worth the read. I’ll be looking forward to more work from Ms. Foley.

Book Blurb for Overnight Sensation

Actress Ivy James is finally getting her big break! She's been cast as the lead in a steamy blockbuster movie, a sizzling flick based on war hero Garrett Stokes' military--and sexual--experiences behind enemy lines.  In the role, Ivy will be required to shoot a lot of on-screen love scenes with her costar, one of Hollywood's top hunks.  Unfortunately for Ivy, the only guy who can get her motor running is the technical consultant--Garrett himself!Garrett has been secretly in love with Ivy for years. In fact, it was only his infatuation with her that got him through all those months in a military hospital.  So when Ivy asks him to show her just how good the sex was, how can he resist?  But will she still want to share his bed when she learns that Garrett's lust for her was the only reason she got the part?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 4.00