Out Of Control

Oh Yum Series - Stand Alone

What woman can resist a super hot fireman? Deryn Adams can’t, at least not physically. Emotionally is a different story. She’d loved and lost a public servant once, could she take the risk of loving, and possibly losing, another?
Brant Crichton is public servant to his bones. A former Army Special Ops Ranger and now a Wildland Firefighter, he’s also 11 years younger than Deryn. Age and his job seem to be the two biggest issues keeping him from being with Deryn. But Brant has some issues of his own to work out.
Deryn and Brant must work their way through their pasts and fears and hurts to get to a future with love and acceptance and of course lots of super hot sex. Ms. Savage faces the harsh realities of the losses of War, as well as the harsh losses of public servants and mixes in some super hot sex. I enjoyed this short story, but don’t recommend it for anyone who doesn’t like erotica. If you don’t like a heavy dose of smoking hot sex in with your happily ever afters … well, then, this isn’t the book for me. For those who do, you’ll be happy with this little tale.

Book Blurb for Out Of Control

Former Army Ranger Brant Crichton likes to be in charge. Racked with guilt after losing men in the desert, he now stands a lonely sentinel position in the forest, fighting the wildest element of all. When a sexy older woman steps right out of his dreams into reality, his tightly held control is shattered.

Photographer Deryn Adams has sworn off action men after losing her husband. Sparks fly when she meets the virile firefighter while scouting locations for her next nude layout. She's enthralled by the handsome younger man but their eleven-year age difference and fear of losing another love keeps her heart firmly closed.

With passion and wildfire threatening everything, both must trust that living in fear of what might happen is no way to live at all.

Publisher Note: This book was previously published elsewhere under a different title. It has been extensively revised and lengthened.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 3.75