One Vampire Summer

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One Vampire Summer

Carol Langley is a famous writer with some problems. She has severe panic attacks that lead to fainting spells, a cabin on a lake with a couple of intrusive, crotchety old neighbors, a mother who is completely bonkers and a smoking hot new neighbor who can’t seem to take “leave me alone” for an answer. Tom O’Brian is the neighbor not taking “leave me alone” for an answer. And when Carol makes a GIGANTIC mistake that could cost her her career, she becomes VERY VERY glad.
Carol must face her fears and her mistakes and take a good hard look at all the factors that have shaped who she really is and deal with them in order to find happiness. When she does not only will she have the love of Tom, but she’ll free him a blessing and a curse.
One Vampire Summer will draw you in and keeping reading till the last page has been reached and you’ll still want to read more. Ms. Blaine has created characters we all have known at least once in our lives and can identify with completely. The plot is fast paced and well written, the setting is vividly described and the little twists and turns will keep you guessing till the very end.

Book Blurb for One Vampire Summer

Being a romance author has a few perks but Carol Langley rarely gets to experience them. That is until she meets her sexy-hot summer neighbor Tom O’Brien and that’s when things change. Tom is tall, dark, debonair and very sexual--something Carol didn’t even realize about herself until she had the pure pleasure of experiencing Tom. Of course, after one night of passion, she’s hooked and since Tom professed raw emotions to her, she assumes he is too. An assumption she made but didn’t bother to check and see if the feelings were mutual. Almost as soon as Tom leaves her bed, he’s on the lake with a busty little blonde and all but parading her around his front lawn.
They aren’t married. He has the right to see anyone he wants--and so does she. Carol quickly boards a plane bound for New York but things heat up quickly in First Class and a little romp is just what she needs to feel better about her Tom-Carol situation. That is, until things not only go haywire but they begin to unravel.
A sexual conquest at the airport, bad decisions and bad dreams, a quick make-out and make-up session with Tom and fires ignite. Questions and more intrigue than any one mortal woman can stand--but what about the immortal man? Who is Tom O’Brien? Where did he come from and how does he know so much about his summer neighbor? And why does Carol find him irresistible?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 3.75