My Husband's Sweethearts

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My Husband's Sweethearts

Just how thin is the line between love and hate? That is what Lucy Shoreman finds out when she discovers that her husband Artie has cheated on her multiple times during their short four year marriage. When she finds this out, she leaves Artie, only to return when her mother tells her he’s dying. In one fit of anger and drunkenness, Lucy takes Arties little black book, and makes some phone calls. Why should she have to deal with this alone? Why shouldn’t his mistresses have to share in the pain as well as the joy? Into the picture come Eslpa and Eleanor, two of Artie’s sweethearts, and John his long lost son.
Things should be simple from here right? WRONG. Because life is complicated, and so is this story. Not complicated in a “I can’t follow this” kind of way. Complicated in a “this is life and it’s never black and white” kind of way. Lucy has to face her own emotions and faults and foibles, as well as those of her cheating husband. She also has to come face to face with her own past and the influences from it. She has to find a way to get through it all, get past it all and still come through on the other side whole. And in the process, she finds something infinitely more complicated than her marriage. She finds a family. She finds herself.

This is Ms. Asher’s first novel, and quite frankly it’s absolutely fantastic. You WILL get all choked up and you WILL shed a tear or two so have tissues handy. But you’ll also identify on some level with every character in this wonderful work. And you will never ever regret picking up this tale. Ms. Asher has a bright and brilliant future ahead of her.

Book Blurb for My Husband's Sweethearts

When Lucy discovered that her charming, cheating husband was dying, she came home, opened up his little black book, and decided she wasn’t going through this alone. After all, Artie’s sweethearts were there for the good times—is it fair that Lucy should have to manage the hard times herself? In this wise, wickedly funny new novel, Lucy dials up the women in Artie’s black book and invites them for one last visit. The last thing she expects is that any will actually show up.
But one by one, they do show up: The one who hates him. The one who owes her life to him. The one he turned into a lesbian, and the one he taught to dance. And among them is a visitor with the strangest story of all: the young man who may or may not be Artie’s long-lost son.
For Lucy, the jaw-dropping procession of women is an education in the man she can’t forgive and couldn’t leave. And as the women find themselves sharing secrets and sharing tears, they start to discover kindred spirits—and even something that’s a lot like family. But Lucy knows one thing for certain: the biggest surprises are yet to come….
Full of heart, Bridget Asher’s unforgettable novel is about mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, and the deep friendships between women. It’s about sweet liars and tenderhearted cheaters—about loving those we love for reasons we can’t always fully rationalize, and about the sort of forgiveness that can change someone’s entire life in the most unexpected and extraordinary ways.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 5.00