Masked Encounter

What happens when one night turns into two? And it goes from being strictly hot steamy sex to something more? What do you do when you discover you haven’t just lusted after your boss for 3 years, you’ve fallen in love with him too? You read this wonderful short story to find out.
Ms. Gentry gives a new spin to an old tale with this well written story. The sex is hot, the characters likeable and realistic enough to be believable, and the love wins in the end. What more could you ask for in a story, I ask you. This is a tale I could easily have seen made into a full-length novel. But it’s also a great before bed read.

Book Blurb for Masked Encounter

When fantasy becomes too hot to handle, what's a girl to do?
Trish Andrews wants one fantastic night of hot sex with her boss, Jonathon Rutledge, but how can she make it happen without him knowing the identity of his mystery lover? When an invitation to a masquerade lands on Jonathon's desk, crashing the party in a killer red dress seems like the perfect opportunity to turn fantasy into reality.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 3.50