Mad World

The writing in this work by Ms. Espinoza was good technically and the plot had a good bit of suspense and mystery trying to figure out who the serial killer was.

What I had a problem with were the characters. Maybe I'm a bit critical of them because I'm the niece, sister-in-law and cousin to police officers. Maybe I didn't "get it" or understand these characters because I'm the survivor of sexual abuse. But I couldn't find any redeeming qualities in a prostitute who commits cold-blooded murder or in a cop who is a rapist and is as dirty as they come.

I found the characters to be very stereotypical, movie portrayals and very one dimensional. They didn't have any qualities that would recommend them. They didn't learn and grow and become better for knowing each other. In fact they became worse. They treated each other horribly and violently, and not in the safe respectful way that comes with those who practice BDSM.

I was highly disappointed that not only were the main characters one dimensional and stereotypical, but so were all the supporting characters. They were the typical Hollywood portrayal of the bad cop, the prostitute, the wimpy partner who covers for the bad cop, the hard-assed captain and the pimps and drug dealers you see in a b movie.

If you can ignore the characters and focus on the parts of the plot that DON'T involve rape and domestic abuse (by both sexes), then you'll enjoy this work. I, personally, couldn't get past those sticking points and can't honestly recommend Mad World.

Book Blurb for Mad World

This title is a re-release.

Mutilated corpses litter Pomona, California, and Detective Jason Squires is pressured to find a killer who leaves no evidence. His private life is a nightmare as well. Estranged from his wife, he finds himself in the grip of growing obsession with young prostitute, Daisy Winters.

As Jason and the killer dance around each other, Jason is increasingly distracted and frustrated by Daisy, who never loses control in their mercurial, violent relationship. Daisy, who is willing to do whatever it takes to protect herself and her interests. Daisy, who will take down anyone who gets in her way. Daisy, who cannot resist the agonizing passion she shares with a man who could destroy her without a twinge of remorse.

Contains: anal sex, public sex, bondage, domination, knife play, blood play, forceful sex, nonconsensual sex, violence, prostitution, foul language

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 2.50