Love Under The Mistletoe

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Love Under The Mistletoe

A Romance Anthology - Leanne Burroughs, Judith Leigh, Amy Blizzard, Billie Warren Chai, Gerri Bowen, Deborah MacGillivray

Forever Love by Leanne Burroughs: Hank Beaumont fell fast and hard for Jessica Ashbury, when he rescued her after she had been kidnapped from the stagecoach. Jessica doesn’t correct Hank when he assumes her dead brother is her husband. When Jessica decides to follow through with the plans she and her brother made to buy Hank’s hotel, she’s in for a big surprise. She becomes half owner with Hank, and a couple of ghosts.
I really enjoyed this tale of ghosts who always get their way, a wayward man who finally sees the light and a headstrong young woman who is bound and determined NOT to return from whence she came. The characters are full of wit and wisdom and will have you laughing and cringing by turns.
It Must Have Been The Mistletoe by Judith Leigh: Kacey Michaels has had more than enough of her jerk of an ex-husband, Ray, giving her nothing but grief since their divorce. The final straw comes when Ray brags about getting his new wife pregnant; in a very not nice way rubbing it in that Kacey was unable to get pregnant during their 10 year marriage. Kacey decides to stop playing it safe for once and quits her job and move from Florida to Mistletoe, Tennessee. Mistletoe’s slogan in a travel magazine is “Come and visit us in Mistletoe, where magic and dreams really do come true”. Will Kacey find that’s true or will it be a big mistake on her part.
You’ll have to read this enchanting tale to find out, but I can promise you won’t be disappointed in the outcome. The plot moves well and the characters are all believable. If you grew up in a small town you’ll recognize most of the characters that inhabit Mistletoe. If you didn’t grow up in a small town you’ll get a pretty accurate telling of what life can be like in one.
Gingerbread and Mistletoe by Amy Blizzard: Matt Watson is a chef in Indianapolis, Indiana and had planned to enter the annual gingerbread house contest one of the local bakeries holds. Until his co-worker and partner decides running off and getting married is a better idea. When Matt gets home he finds his free spirited artist neighbor Riley Callahan trying to drag a bright pink Christmas tree into the building, and she’s got carrots dressed as reindeer ornaments for the tree. Matt kindly helps Riley bring the tree into the building and up to her apartment. When Riley offers to return the favor, Matt takes her up on it. He enlists her artistic ability with the gingerbread house contest. Matt may seem uptight but Riley sees another side to him as they collaborate on the gingerbread house.
This lovely tale about opposites not always being so opposite and attracting anyway is witty and warm and wonderfully charming. And reminds us to never look a gift horse in the mouth and appreciate what’s right in front of us.
Calling Hailey’s Bluff by Billie Warren Chai: Hailey James is a computer programmer, unmarried, pregnant and back working close to her baby’s father. Lt. Col. Todd Coopersmith is the father; he doesn’t know it and is in for a big surprise when he sees Hailey again for the first time in months. Hailey has kept her pregnancy and who the father might be a secret from everyone she knows. Todd has made it clear that the Air Force is his life and he has no desire to get married, so Hailey lies and tells him it’s not his. Todd’s childhood as a military brat was filled with the tragedy of a mother who didn’t belong as a military wife, and he doesn’t want to put any other woman through that.
As a military wife of almost 18 years, I could identify with both characters very easily. Being a military spouse takes a really special kind of person, and unfortunately Todd’s mom wasn’t the right fit for the position, with tragic results. So he closes himself off from the possibility of marriage while in the service. What he misses by doing this, is seeing all the other successes around him. Those who aren’t military spouses will get a glimpse into the life, and yes they ARE that freaking bossy. They can’t help it. Those who are will roll their eyes and think “been there done that”. But everyone will get a nice warm feeling and a sweet smile when these two get to their happily ever after.
A Chorus Singing Love by Gerri Brown: Lady Melody Bruin, who is of wild blood so has special gifts, was so convinced that Trevor Wilde, Earl of Ardmoor, also of wild blood with special gifts, was “the other half of her soul” that she completely discounted his feelings or wants and asked the wood nymphs to sing him a song of love. Then she’s mystified when he’s angry about it. What she doesn’t realize till too late is that lust and love have no difference to the nymphs. It takes her ten years to figure out why Trevor is so angry with her and what exactly her actions took away from him.
I really enjoyed this tale. The conflict between Trevor and Melody is touching and downright hysterical at times. It also reminds us that giving everyone the opportunity to freely choose what they want in life and love is so much more important than our own wants and needs.
A Very Special Man by Deborah MacGillivray: Simon Ravensdale, Viscount Moordon, Earl Glendour is a member of the Cait Sidhe and can change into a panther, or at least a very large housecat. The problem is he was cursed 300 years ago so he can’t change back to human form, so he’s stuck as a cat, unless someone can complete the ritual and break the curse. This is where Desdemona Vashon comes in. For the past year, Dezzy has thought Simon was a simple, ordinary housecat, although a rather large one. She’s fed him and taken care of him and loved him. Now it’s nearly Christmas and Dezzy really wants only one thing … someone to love and love her in return. Can Simon get Dezzy to break the curse?
Read this enchanting story and you’ll find out. You’ll be happy you did. Simon and Desdemona are two lost souls who are both desperately lonely when they find each other. They discover that love can transcend time and place and be very very magical indeed.

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