Love and Silver Bells

Act II, Scene I by Polly McCrillis: Leah Redmond was once an up and coming new star. 4 years ago tragedy struck and she hasn’t stepped foot on a stage since then. When Leah’s sister tosses a script for “A Christmas Carol” through her door, Leah is furious and plans to return the script the next day.
Dalton Bream is a carpenter, volunteering and building sets for the local community playhouse’s production of “A Christmas Carol”. He meets Leah when she hits her head on a ladder sticking out of his truck. Dalton comes to her rescue and helps her inside. 
Leah’s plans to return the script and say “No Thanks” are changed and she once again is acting. She also finds herself attracted to Dalton. But will she take a chance on a relationship with Dalton?
A Commander Under The Tree by Billie Warren Chai: Commander Eli Scott, is a doctor in the U.S. Navy, who is looking for a place to live. He finds an ad for a duplex for rent. It’s location is great, the price is right and it’s the right size.
Fiona Ross is a widow, mother of 4-year-old Joey, and owner of the duplex Eli is renting. Fiona is still recovering from the loss of her husband but finds Eli intriguing. He’s also very good with her son. When the two finally become involved issues arise with her “in-laws”. What will the couple do and how will they handle grandparents who are threatening to take away Fiona’s son.
A Home For Christmas by Diane Davis White: Judson “Jud” Brown is a rancher with a problem. That problem is a shipment of hay his grandfather with Alzheimer’s ordered and Jud can’t pay for.
Olivia Strong is the owner of the feed and grain store who took the order for the hay. She’s got problems of her own and needs to be paid for the shipment. She has 3 young brothers she’s been caring for since the death of their parents.
When Jud invites Olivia and the boys to the ranch for dinner to discuss what to do about the hay, he doesn’t expect what comes next, an ice storm that strands them all on the ranch, with Christmas just a few days away. It’s cold outside but the sparks begin to fly inside.
A Soldier’s Heart by Rebecca Andrews: Mason Taggart is the only son of the current president. He’s also the current Governor of Tennessee. He’s joining his parents for Christmas at the White House. What he is about to find out is that he’s in danger and is going into hiding with a special bodyguard. A former soldier.
Priscilla Ashby is a former helicopter pilot for the Army. She suffers from PTSS (post-traumatic stress syndrome) from her time in Iraq. She’s now the bodyguard for Mason Taggart. She’s charged with getting him to a secure and safe location. As they are leaving the White House they are attacked and forced to abandon the original plan.
What they both figure out is that there is a traitor inside, somewhere. Someone who is letting secrets slip out that shouldn’t. Who it is and how long the two will have to be in hiding is anyone’s guess. As the weather cools down, these two heat up.
I really enjoyed this heart-warming anthology. The four stories are different enough to keep you interested but all have their happy endings. The characters are heart wrenchingly human and hurting and simply looking for a little bit of peace on earth. Luckily they all eventually find it, although not without some strife. But we always appreciate the gifts we receive when we have to work a little harder to keep them.
I recommend these warm holiday tales be read by the light of a well-lit tree, with a lovely fire in the fireplace and a nice cup of hot cocoa. All will warm your through and through.

Book Blurb for Love and Silver Bells


A time of love. A time of miracles.

A time when children visit Santa and dreams come true.

A time when they can come true for adults, too.

If only they will believe.

Sleigh bells...jingle bells...silver bells.

Love and Silver Bells - what a magical combination.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 3.50