Long, Slow Ride

Oh Yum!

Weddings can be so much fun … or the bane of a woman’s existence. Especially, if that woman is the perpetual bridesmaid but never the bride, or doesn’t have a date. Lori Nelson is newly single and alone at a co-worker’s wedding and sitting out the dancing. Until Jeff, the chauffer asks her to dance. Jeff is attracted to Lori. Lori is attracted to Jeff. The only problem Lori has with that is that she’s 36 and he’s 25.
In this wonderful short story Jeff takes Lori for a ride she won’t soon forget. Lori learns that age is just a number and that a career is only so great if there’s someone to share the ups and downs with. And that sex with a younger man can totally rock.
Ms. Ballou tells a hot and steamy tale in this short story. And you’ll walk away a little breathless and a lot happy for Lori.

Book Blurb for Long, Slow Ride

The wedding reception is boring and depressing for Lori Nelson — until she gets asked to dance by the chauffeur. The twenty-something, very hot chauffeur. Lori figures Jeff's just being polite. But that's before he takes her in his arms and sets her libido on overdrive…

The moment Jeff meets gorgeous, classy Lori, he falls hard. But much as Lori seems to dig him, she's hung up on their eleven-year age difference and her own personal baggage.

While Lori convinces herself that she can handle a one-night stand, Jeff is firing up his limo, prepared to take Lori for the ride of her life.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 3.50