Knock Me for a Loop

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Knock Me for a Loop

"Chicks with Sticks" - Book 3

Grace Fisher and Zack Hoolihan are the ultimate super star couple. Grace is a beloved talk show hostess and Zack is the star goalie for the Cleveland Rockets hockey team. They are engaged to be married and both are extremely happy. Until Grace makes a surprise visit to Zack and finds a strange woman mostly naked in his hotel bed. Grace is convinced Zack has been cheating on her, something she won’t tolerate. Zack swears he has no idea how that woman got into his room and he hasn’t touched another woman while they were together. Grace doesn’t believe him … despite evidence that he might be telling the truth.

Will these two ever get back together and get past this incident? Can Grace ever forgive Zack? Can Zack ever convince Grace of the truth? Will Zack’s Saint Bernard get the name Bruiser back or will he forever be wearing pink doggie sweaters and called Muffin? You’ll have to read the book to find out. I can promise you won’t be disappointed with the ending or anything else in this hilarious new book in Ms. Betts "Chicks with Sticks" series.
I absolutely love this series. The humor is top notch and the characters are all wonderfully human. There are many great lessons in this wonderful work. One of which is things aren’t always what they seem, even if you see them with your own eyes. Another is that forgiveness can be very difficult but in the end the only person you’re hurting with anger is yourself.
While this is the third novel in this great series, it’s also a great stand alone work. Reading the other books in the series isn’t necessary to keep up with all the characters in this work. However, I recommend reading them if for no other reason than the great comedy in them.
Ms. Betts has a wonderful way with words and imagery. Her characters are always genuine and one of a kind. They are perfectly imperfect and will draw you in and having you loving them and rooting for them to find their bliss. I look forward to more great works from Ms. Betts, most particularly about the ladies of the Knit Wits.

Book Blurb for Knock Me for a Loop


When it comes to relationships, talk show host Grace Fisher won’t stand for cheating—especially not from her fiancé, star hockey goalie Zack Hoolihan. Her weekly knitting group backs her up when she calls it off, but it doesn’t entirely ease the sting of betrayal. She won’t listen to Zack’s indignant explanations of innocence—she just wants to tie up loose ends and move on. Until he winds up injured, that is, and she finds herself playing nursemaid…


Zack doesn’t know how that woman got into his hotel room, but he does know losing Grace has put him so far off his game, he ended up with a busted knee and a broken heart. If things aren’t mended fast, he’ll miss the playoffs, miss his girl, and lose everything. But if Grace is willing to push him into physical therapy, maybe he can pull her back into his arms—before their truce unravels. This time, he’ll do everything it takes to knit their relationship back together…

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 5.00