In Service

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In Service

Ms. Natal has created a great work that will draw you in and keep you reading till you get to the last page. She has built a new vision of our world. She eloquently showcases how what starts out as a great idea and works well can be changed and bastardized and abused by those with too much power.
She also shows us that love is love and that there are plenty of routes to it; and that sometimes it takes love to open our eyes to all the wrongs in our own mindsets. I enjoyed this work and know you will too. Although I’m wondering what happened to Lord Stuart … did they destroy him in the end?
Special Notes: This is an erotic work that involves graphic descriptions of sexual situations and some graphic violence. It also contains male/male sexual interaction. It should be read with caution and be VERY well protected on your computer so as not to be accessed by those under the age of 18.

Book Blurb for In Service

In a modern world where rampant disease and prostitution has been dealt with through institutionalizing the sex business, and where American nobility, Lords and Ladies, hold significant power, Lord Elias Doherty is a man who has always had everything he ever wanted. Spoiled and arrogant, Elias thinks only of his upcoming twenty-fifth birthday and his only desired gift, a Servant of his very own.

When he spots Jared Karan, he knows exactly what he wants, but Jared is owned by another, a powerful British Lord with a reputation as a ruthless and unforgiving man, in business and in personal matters.

Elias gets what he wants through his father’s political and business maneuvering, and Jared is his. But Lord Stuart isn’t content with his defeat, and he uses his own power and influence to give Elias a gift, one that on the surface seems legitimate, but hides a very dark secret.

With a powerful enemy and a political climate that is more than a little volatile, falling in love with Jared could lead them both to destruction.


Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 4.00