I Shot You Babe

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I Shot You Babe

Coney “Cy” Bombay is in the family business. Unfortunately that business is hired assassin. His family has been hired assassins since 2000 BCE … so around 4000 years. Everyone is one, spouses must be told and sworn to secrecy and children begin their training at age 5. Not the best line of work but the options are death. You don’t get a choice. Although you can have other jobs and interests, but you can’t say no to the family business.
Veronica Gale is a graduate student working on her master’s thesis when she meets Cy at a local carnival. They don’t exactly hit it off at first. But Ronnie intrigues Cy, not so much her looks but her mind. When they meet up again in Mongolia, Ronnie is working on her PhD doctorate thesis and once again runs into Cy. Cy is training for a naadam, a type of wrestling contest originated by Genghis Kahn. Things are different between Cy and Ronnie this time around though. They are both intrigued and attracted and finally decide to act on that attraction. But Cy is also on assignment for the family. How is he going to get to his target and keep Ronnie oblivious?
Ms. Langtry mixes lots of great humor with just enough romance and sex with a bit of a mystery too. I laughed myself stupid at the scene of a hired assassin and a mercenary using slinkys, etch-a-sketches, stuffed animals and plastic toy light sabers to fight each other. When I read that aloud to my kids they rolled laughing too. And it’s not easy to make two 16 year olds and a 14 year old laugh themselves goofy. But Ms. Langtry managed that with ease.
All the characters are wonderfully human and flawed. They learn about themselves and each other along the way. The path of self-discovery for Cy and Ronnie is a long and hard road. Their road to happily ever after isn’t easy either. It’s filled with danger from Cy’s family as well as hurt, anger, jealousy and a whole host of other normal human emotions when you’re unsure where you stand and when you think you can’t have what you want.
This is the first I’ve read of Ms. Langtry’s but I definitely look forward to more work from this talented writer. And I think you’ll enjoy every last word of the well written work.

Book Blurb for I Shot You Babe

Perennial grad student Veronica Gale gets more than she bargains for when her latest dissertation project puts her in the path of philosopher/assassin/carnival-ride operator Coney Bombay—and an unsolved murder that might just kill her, too.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 4.50