Hearts in the Vortex

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Hearts in the Vortex

Rebecca “R.J.” Dumaurier is a high powered New York literary attorney. She’s also a work-a-holic who hasn’t taken a vacation since before law school. When she decides to take the vacation her cheating ex-fiancé had set up for them in Sedona, Arizona, life gets very interesting for Rebecca.

Tom Paxton is a spiritual guru and medium. He is holding a workshop in Sedona and meets Rebecca on her first day at the resort they are both staying at, when she rear-ends his van. There is an instant attraction between the two, but they both have some secrets and quirks they’d like to keep hidden.

When three of Rebecca’s biggest clients also show up in Sedona, her vacation becomes a study in avoidance and working while relaxing. There is also a dark force trying to keep them apart and is dangerous to both Tom and Rebecca.

There are lots of other intriguing plot twists and turns that will keep you reading well into the night. Ms. Polo has done a great job with her first foray into writing a novel. Her characters are unique and different and immensely likeable, well most of them. They each have some special quality that sets them apart and makes you love them. There are also enough bad guys to give you someone to hate and root against.

Will Tom and Rebecca be able to overcome all that stands in their way to find their happily ever after? Well you’ll have to read this enchanting work to know for yourself, but I can promise you won’t be disappointed.

Well done Ms. Polo. Well done indeed.

Reissued review from 2009-12-30. Originally titled Romancing Rebecca.

Book Blurb for Hearts in the Vortex

An Arizona paranormal romance...

Contemporary paranormal romantic comedy...

The Most Unromantic Woman in the World Falls in Love - with Two Men - in One Body

No-nonsense attorney Rebecca Dumaurier battles for famous romance writers. But in the Sedona vortex romance spins out of control with a shy trance channeler and a pirate from another time.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 4.50