Gone with the Witch

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Gone with the Witch

Triplet Witch Trilogy, Book 2

Storm Cartwright is a triplet, but not just any triplet. She is an identical triplet, with psychic and magical powers. So what's a magical, psychic identical triplet to do when she starts hearing a baby cry when near a hot, hunky antiques restorer? Why kidnap him and handcuff him to his own bed when he refuses to go along on her quest to find the baby, of course.

Aiden McCloud is said hot, hunky kidnap victim. When Storm first tells him about the crying baby, and insists it's HIS baby, he does what many would do in his shoes. He runs for the hills, or more accurately he runs for his custom designed motor home. Until Storm puts a whammy on the engine and stalls it out, that is.

After that, the adventure is on and the laughs come as often as the miles pass. When Storm begins to prove her gift, Aiden begins to rethink his stance on independence and his wanderlust takes a turn to another sort of lust altogether.

Annette Blair's flair for the dramatic, the witty and the downright hysterical will carry you all the way through this page-turner. As these two face their own fears and insecurities, they find that maybe they aren't who they thought they were at all. This book is a continuation of the Triplet Witch Sisters' stories, but doesn't HAVE to be read in order. Although I can promise you, you'll WANT to read the other books about this wacky and wonderful family of magical, psychic sisters.

Book Blurb for Gone with the Witch

Triplet Witch Two

Storm's Story

A Bewitching Contemporary Romantic Comedy

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.50