Flexible Sexual

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Flexible Sexual

Flexible Sexual is a novella of short erotic stories. They encompass public sex with a stranger, first homosexual experiences, a ménage-a-trois and a transgender relationship.
Hot and steamy is the understatement of the century when applied to the short stories by Ms. Bray. While the subjects Ms. Bray addresses are ones that some will find objectionable, she manages the difficult task of well developed and defined characters in short stories easily. 
Those with an open mind and willing imagination will enjoy these shorts in novella length.
And I recommend having a towel handy.
Special Notes: This novella includes graphic descriptions of sexual acts and should be kept out of the hands/access of those under 18

Book Blurb for Flexible Sexual

Hot, public sex with a stranger. Ancient tribal magic inducing a high-society lesbian orgy. One man's sudden attraction to another man. An exotic gypsy woman's seductive power. A petite escort leads a menage-a-trois, and a transman gets even with his wayward lover.

Six erotic tales that explore sexuality, gender, and attraction. In this collection, the emphasis is on the fluid nature of lust, without any pretext. No morning-after, no thought to consequences, just pure action.

No matter what your orientation, release your inhibitions for a wild ride through the flexibility of sexuality...

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 3.50