My Lord Raven

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My Lord Raven

In 1840 Nathan Burroughs, Duke of Ravensmoor faces his imminent death. He reflects upon his life and loves. And charges his grandson Nathan, and all his descendents, with looking for the love he lost 50+ years ago, Kaitlyn Burnett, until she returns to Colinswood, the family manor.
200 years after Kaitlyn leaves Nathans life, and 160 years after his death, the descendents have continually looked for Kaitlyn to return. Dante Burroughs is the current Duke of Ravensmoor, and CEO and owner of Burton Automotive Industries, INC. and has been dreaming of a woman who looks very much like Kaitlyn Burnett. Her name is Kathleen “Kate” Bennett and she’s a secretary at the Phoenix plant of Burton Automotive Industries, INC. When these two meet the family “curse” that Dante has been living with becomes something he thinks he can finally break. Not to mention he finally has someone he can truly love. Are these two the reincarnated souls of Kaitlyn and Nathan?
This is a wonderful work by Ms. Quijas and was well worth the read. I felt for Dante and Kate and the journey’s they both had to take to get to where they could be fully honest with each other. All the characters are full of faults and foibles and good points and bad points, and are easy to identify with. The plot will keep you guessing and trying to figure everything out till the end when all is revealed. You’ll be thrilled with the happily ever after these two get in spite of all the obstacles in their way.
Oh and the sex is pretty smoking hot too.

Book Blurb for My Lord Raven

My Lord Raven begins with the unfortunate demise of the Eleventh Earl of Ravensmoor, Nathan Burroughs. Tormented by images of a love that he lost decades prior, the earl pleads upon his deathbed with his grandson. He longs for one simple favor to be completed with his death, for each of his heirs to await the return of his long lost lady love. Desperate to appease the dying man, his grandson agrees to await the return of the Lord Ravensmoor's mysterious lady. Despite the passage of centuries, each Earl of Ravensmoor assigns the quest to each of his heirs.

Dante Burroughs, despite his disbelief and scorn toward the task, has carried the family quest into the present. Unfortunately, he suffers from one slight and obnoxious quirk which his own ancestors have failed to divulge. He has been, for the majority of his life, plagued by vivid dreams of his great grandsire's love. Despite every desperate attempt that he has made to go on with his own life and successful career, the nightly dreams have become more intense, more haunting with every passing year. Dante feels as if he has been cursed, forever tormented by the images of a woman who seduces his every dream, the whispery softness of her image tormenting his waking hours. Dante has began to sense that she is a woman he knows he will never encounter.

On a business trip to Phoenix, Arizona, Dante encounters the vision of his ancestor's lady in his own offices. The drama begins when he desperately wishes to bring Kathleen Bennett into his life, despite the fact that he is a lord of the realm and she refers to herself as 'just his secretary'. Dante is tortured by the love he feels for the woman of his dreams, but tormented at the same time by the thought that she does not seem to understand the unspoken bond in which they share.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2008 4.25