Caroline's House

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Caroline's House

Word Count: 108,800

Caroline Fleming left her small Oregon hometown 20 years ago to pursue a writing career in New York. Now that she’s made good she’s back. She purchases an old house on the outskirts of town. The house needs some pretty serious renovation, so Caroline hires Larry Gardiner as the general contractor. What neither of them knows is that the house is haunted. VERY haunted, by quite a few ghosts. The most notorious of which is one Malcolm Hanson, formerly of the 1880’s and a rake and womanizer. Malcolm comes to Caroline the first few nights she stays in her newly refurbished house, and finds that he can become more corporal the more sex he has with living, willing women. Problems begin when Caroline and Larry begin to become seriously attracted to each other.
This story started out with some serious promise and a good concept; however it didn’t follow through very well. The concept of a ghost becoming solid through sex is a new one to me, and I absolutely love paranormal romances. The plot didn’t develop as well as I thought it could have. The rules that applied to all the other ghosts don’t apply to Malcolm for some reason. The living characters tended to annoy me rather than intrigue me. And some of the situations they found themselves in just didn’t pan out even close to how people would normally react.
One of the other things that began to annoy me about this work was the use of vagina and penis for every love scene. Yes that’s the technical names for those areas, but there are probably a 1000 other names that could have been used also, the constant use of the technical terms took a lot of the heat out of the love scenes. Another thing that goes along with this particular set of problems with this work was a hooker calling a penis a “thing”. No hooker is going to tell a man to “put your thing away”.
Overall, this work had a lot of potential that it just didn’t quite live up to. With more work and more development it could have been a really great read. At this point though, I can only say it’s a so so read.
Special Notes: This work had some major editing issues that I hope were caught and corrected before going to print, if however this version went to print, I’d suggest getting a new editor.
This is also classified as erotic romance and it doesn’t quite fit that genre, in my opinion. There are two very short, VERY mild ménage scenes, which might be why it has the erotic part tacked on, but they are so mild they barely qualify as erotic for me.

Book Blurb for Caroline's House

[BookStrand Menage and More #9: Paranormal Romance with Menage M/F/F/M, Group Sex, Spousal Sharing]

Caroline Fleming returns to her hometown and buys the old house that she has loved for years.

It comes with a resident spirit, one Malcolm Hanson, who has been dead for years, and who makes an art form at seduction and lovemaking. He is without scruples, manners, or chivalry in his quest for willing partners, of which there are many.

Caroline's newfound love for Larry Gardner angers the ghost and sets him out for revenge. Caroline and Larry, along with their friends and a beautiful hooker, find a way to handle Malcolm while learning the secrets of the old house that sits high on a hill overlooking the furious Pacific Coast.

They also learn that sex does not have to be for couples only and that love can be shared in many ways.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 2.50