Best Laid Plans

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Best Laid Plans

Gay Contemporary

All Elliott Bailey wants is to make every couples wedding perfect for them. Unfortunately, that rarely happens. And after one very momentous disaster with a falcon and a dove, he’s sure his career as a wedding planner is completely over. Veronica and Dylan need a wedding planned. They also need that wedding to be a disaster due to a certain wedding planner. See Veronica and Dylan don’t really want to get married, at least not to each other. But their families have been expecting it and pressuring for it. It all becomes very complicated and humiliating when Elliott finds out he’s been hired as a wedding planner simply so that he could be blamed if the wedding fell apart. A very convenient out for Veronica and Dylan.
Ms. Kane explores what happens when the best laid plans go awry. She also explores family obligations, being willing to fight for what you really want and how to say “I’m truly sorry” and really mean it. She explores how sometimes reputations aren’t always what they seem to be and how little they can be relied upon sometimes.
I enjoyed this short story immensely. The plot and characters were real and honest and tore at my heart strings. This work is well worth the read and will leave you with a wonderful happily ever after.
Special Notes: This work contains descriptions of male/male sexual encounters and should be passed over by those with problems with that.

Book Blurb for Best Laid Plans

Sometimes, nothing goes according to plan…

Wedding coordinator Eliott doesn't think his nose-diving career can get much worse. After the wedding disaster of the decade, the last thing he needs is to get involved with his new client. Dylan's wedding is supposed to be Eliott's new start, his second chance, but not when it risks everything he's worked for, everything he thought was right.

Dylan never intended to fall for the wedding planner, and despite his `bride's` encouragement he can't bring himself to tell Eliott the truth behind their plans. If Eliott knew the real reason they'd approached him, everything would be ruined. But as time goes on and his feelings for Eliott deepen, how long can he keep pretending the wedding is nothing more than convenience?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 3.50