Animal Attraction

Alaskan Werewolves, #1

USC summa cum laude journalist graduate Eliza Bradley is tired of checking other reports work for typo’s and gives her boss an ultimatum, make her a real reporter or she quits. Unfortunately her boss didn’t take the bait. So Eliza is left taking the ONLY reporter job she’s offered. The only down side is it’s at a paranormal magazine and her first assignment is to go to Alaska and investigate a werewolf sighting. Eliza is skeptical to say the least that werewolves aren’t real.
Dr. Hunter McCall is the local zoology professor and resident expert on animals, specializing in wolves. Oh, and he’s a werewolf and although no one knows it, that’s how he intends to keep it. Until Eliza asks to borrow his ketchup, that is. When she shows up at his office to get more information about wolves he begins rethinking his no telling rule.
I found this work by Ms. Tyler to be well thought out and developed. It contained plenty of humor to go with the mystery, and some smoking hot sex scenes. I even wanted a cigarette after a couple scenes, and I don’t smoke. How will Eliza the skeptic and Hunter the werewolf have any kind of future together? Well you’ll just have to read this wonderfully witty work to find out. You won’t be disappointed you did.

Book Blurb for Animal Attraction

Not only are werewolves real, but they're damn hunky, too.

Frustrated when none of the real newspapers will hire her as a reporter, Eliza Bradley takes the only job she can get--at a paranormal magazine. Her first assignment takes her to Fairbanks, Alaska to investigate the rumors that a werewolf has killed two local men.

When she meets Hunter McCall, a local college professor and an expert on wolves, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to him and ends up spending more time in his bed than worrying about werewolves. That's when Eliza finds out Hunter isn't just an animal in the sack, he's an animal out of it, too--of the werewolf variety. Talk about a complicated relationship.

But Eliza can't dwell on Hunter's little shapeshifting issues for long. There's another werewolf out there with a taste for human blood, and she and Hunter are the only ones who can stop him. If they don't, they're likely to become his next victims.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 4.00