And Charlie Makes Three

Anne Reynolds is a divorced mother of two teenage boys in the summer of 1953. Her ex-husband has a new wife, new car and new baby girl. Anne’s children are off for the month to summer camp. On the way to her own two week retreat her battered old car breaks down. When a Good Samaritan turns up on a motorcycle, Anne is grateful. She finds herself telling the stranger about her divorce and some of the causes for it, most especially her ex-husband’s golf buddy Charlie.

Charlie Atwood is in love with Anne, and has been for 4 years. But Charlie has secrets. He’s also jaded and afraid. He thinks he’s not good enough for Anne. He has vowed to end the relationship and walk away, until he starts receiving phone calls from an interfering busybody regarding Anne and a mysterious stranger. The final straw is when he is sent a picture of Anne with the mystery man. It’s at that point Charlie decides to see what is what and make sure Anne is with the man of her own free will.

But there are some surprises awaiting Charlie and Anne. All of them orchestrated by Trey, said mystery man. Trey is actually a demi-god on a mission.

And Charlie Makes Three is the 6th book in the Three Kinds of Wicked series. Each book can stand alone and doesn’t need to be read in order, but I can promise, you’ll want to read them all. All the books are written by a different author but each contains the same major plot points and of course Trey. I am very impressed with how well these authors have worked together to maintain the continuity of the story line while still writing individual and stand alone works.

The plot is intriguing, the characters are all likeable and the sex is smoking hot. Each couple that Trey encounters is unique in their needs to be united, but all the same in their enduring love. I thoroughly enjoyed this work and most particularly some of Anne’s quirks and smartass remarks. I think you’ll enjoy the lively characters as well as the humor laced through this novella. I know I’ve got all the other books in the series on my to be read list.

Special Notes: This is a work of erotic fiction and contains explicit scenes of sexual interaction. Including some mild male/male interaction. It should be stored so as not to be read by those underage OR by those who have issues with same sex relationships.

Book Blurb for And Charlie Makes Three

Near-Historical Paranormal Erotic Romance (contains menage a trois scenes)

Length: 73 pages

It’s 1953 and Ann Reynolds can’t seem to get into the expansively perky spirit of the new decade. After the struggles and derivations of the past twenty years, she feels guilty she’s not as happy as everyone keeps telling her she should be. There’s something missing from her life and she thinks it might very well be her. After dropping her sons off at summer camp, Ann sets out on a journey to discover what’s left of her life when she removes her kids, their schedules and, maybe hardest of all, Charlie Atwood.

Charlie is Ann’s ex-husband’s ex-golf buddy. He likes to tell people Ann got him in the divorce settlement along with the dog and a stack of old Saturday Evening Posts. Ann isn’t sure why Charlie has stuck around to help since her husband left three years ago but she knows the time has come to relieve him of active duty. If Charlie was interested in a permanent place in her life he would have let her know by now, and Ann can no longer pretend that what they have between them is enough to sustain her.

When Charlie finds out about Ann’s plan to take a solo driving trip down the coast, he is relieved. After three years standing in for his old golf buddy, a break is exactly what he needs. And if the break becomes permanent, well, Charlie can’t say he didn’t see it coming. He isn’t husband material and it’s become increasingly obvious that Ann needs more from him than he can ever give her.

Then Charlie hears Ann’s added a passenger to her journey, Trey, a man no one has ever met before. As the gossip regarding the scandalous behavior exhibited between the normally oh-so proper Ann and her handsome stranger reaches him, Charlie feels honor bound to make sure the man isn’t out for just one thing. Ann deserves better, which is exactly why he’s kept his hands to himself all these years.

But if all Ann is looking for is a summer fling…well, hell, Charlie isn’t opposed to helping her out one last time. And he’s got no problem if her new friend wants to come along for the ride.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 3.50