Vampire Delights on Polar Nights

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Vampire Delights on Polar Nights

Ms. Stephens has created a very unique world. I found the premise and the setting in the seed storage sheds in the Antarctic very interesting. The plot was very different, and it intrigued me.

Nicholas was a very yummy hero out to save his fellow vampires from perishing again during the dark polar nights. The sex was hot, even if the setting outside was not.

However, I did find there was a lot of telling rather than showing, and it was hard to keep my interest.

Still, after all is said and done, I would like to read more about this world Ms. Stephens created.

Book Blurb for Vampire Delights on Polar Nights

On a small frozen island in the Antarctica, stands a structure committed to ensuring a future for the earth’s population, a place for countries to store seeds in case of world disaster. Far below the precious seeds lies another place, one where a clandestine organization holds eight captured vampires.

Nicholas Patroclus is a twelve hundred year old vampire and responsible for saving seven other vampires being held in a region that is every vampire’s worse nightmare. Soon the two and a half month long polar nights will descend upon them and he and the other vampires will perish. Breaking vampire code, Nicholas tells his captors what they need to survive. Sexual release.

Karen Walls is a Commander with a global agency that is dedicated to saving the world and has never questioned an assignment. Not even when it requires her to oversee eight of her colleagues who’ve volunteered to sexually service eight possibly dangerous vampires.

Eight vampires, eight women come together with dangerous secrets and explosive desires. During the long, sensuous polar nights their beliefs and values will be forever shattered when they give in to passionate delights. 

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 3.25