Lady Featherstone's Fervent Affair

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Lady Featherstone's Fervent Affair

Stanhope Challenge Series, Book Two

Lady Featherstone’s Fervent Affair is a delightful short read from Cerise Deland. I had never read one of Ms. Deland’s books, and I’m for sure going to check out some of her other works. Wes Stanhope has been severely traumatized and hurt in the Battle of Talavera. His injuries leading him to believe he can never please the woman he desires, Lady Lacy Featherstone.

Lacy is a strong heroine. She knows what she wants and that’s Wes. Blindness in one eye, an improperly healed left arm and a limp aren’t going to stop her from loving and getting the man she wants. Who cares about reputation when love is at stake?

I really enjoyed Lady Featherstone’s Fervent Affair. It was a bawdy good tale and a great seduction scene. I like it when a heroine seduces the hero.

The book also came with a freebie at the end titled Lady Ramsey’s Ribald Choices, which was just as delicious and even shorter.

If you’re looking for a risqué historical romp, then Lady Featherstone’s Fervent Affair is for you.

Book Blurb for Lady Featherstone's Fervent Affair

ELEMENTS: Adult situations and strong sexual content.
LENGTH: Novella

Willful Lady Lacy Featherstone knows how the lack of love can warp a person’s life. When her dashing fiancé, Colonel Wesley Stanhope retreats to his hunting lodge after a devastating cavalry injury in Spain, she sweeps into Wes’s hideaway with a scandalous proposal. Wes will make her his wife or she’ll make him her lover. But if Lacy cannot conquer the Hero of Talavera with logic and kisses, how risqué must she become to prove that she is his equal in fortitude and the only one worthy to grace his bed?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 4.00