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A British Jackie Collins…who knew! J

This wonderful book is about three women whose destinies are about to intertwine in the art world.  The first young lady is Lizzy Duffy.  Lizzy is a young girl just out of college who is absolutely, out-of-this-world excited that she’s landed a job at one of the top auction houses, working for her wildly successful and well-known boss, Nat Wilde.  She wants nothing more than to become the most successful auctioneer on the planet, but she’s not quite cut out for it just yet.  Also, she makes what you would call a bit of an error and decides to sleep with her boss.  She has feelings that go far deeper than his, believe me, and when she realizes that she’s being taken advantage of…well…let’s just say that Mr. Wilde doesn’t know what hits him.

We also have Carrie Klein.  Carrie is a woman who has weathered a great deal in her life.  She currently works at a NY auction house that she swears is about to fire her for incompetence, because she didn’t recognize a complete “fake” and misrepresented it as a real masterpiece.  She doesn’t get dropped, however; in fact, what she does get is a promotion.  She’s going to be the top dog at a new branch of their auction house that is opening in London – right across the street from Nat Wilde’s place.  Oh, by the way, Nat Wilde took Carrie to bed a long time ago when she was just a young, freckly, “ugly duckling” who was working as an intern, and old, slimy Nat doesn’t remember her at all.

The third woman in this fantastic story is Serena McDonald.  Serena is an artist.  She is a single mom who has moved into her brother’s “cottage house” while he’s off in Hong Kong for two years.  The woman who lives in the “big house” asks Serena to paint her a picture of her dogs, which leads to an art scam of monumental proportions.  When Serena’s forgeries are discovered, saving her own life and that of her child’s depends completely on whether or not she can paint a fake of one of the rarest paintings in the free world.

Every part of this book is absolute fun.  From the glittering champagne that is overflowing from New York City flutes, to the die hard, bitter rivalry of the London auction houses – every page keeps the reader glued.  Believe me…you will want to become these women as soon as possible! Enjoy it!

Book Blurb for Priceless

Three women with nothing in common but a taste for the good life and a shared history of betrayal are about to find out just how far they’ll go to make a name for themselves in the glamorous world of fine art—a place where the stakes are high but the rewards can be . . .

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 3.75