Lord Ware's Widow

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Lord Ware's Widow

Lady Georgiana Ware is a young widow who everyone in the ton loves with all their hearts.  Unfortunately, every man in the ton is trying desperately to be the next Lord that claims her heart.  Georgiana not only has the beauty that makes men fall to their knees, but she also has the money to make life very easy.  She was briefly married to a man who not only treated her poorly but, thankfully, left her so much money that she doesn’t need any man’s attentions; she’s one female in England who can do it all on her own. 
She has a terrific attack-cat by the name of Bel, who makes sure that no one goes near Georgiana that the cat does not approve of first, and she has a partner in travel by the name of Miss Pettibone.  Miss Pettibone or, Elspeth, was a governess who left Georgiana’s “ex”-household because of her employer’s stepson making “moves” on her every five minutes.  Georgiana is more than happy to take Elspeth on as her companion, and the two women become fast friends.
Soon Georgiana finds herself taking hospitality at a country house where the most enchanting things offered are gorgeous rose gardens (which are a passion of Georgiana’s; she loves drawing pictures of the stunning flowers); and, a man by the name of Lord Thornbury, who has taken it upon himself to break down Georgiana’s defenses.  He wants to basically add another notch to his belt by sweeping the Lady off her feet and into his arms.
Although Georgiana finds him extremely interesting and handsome, her marriage left her with so many reasons to stay far away from men that she keeps the Lord at arm’s length.  As she finds herself growing closer and closer with him, she almost changes her mind about furthering their relationship. But one evening she overhears the Lord tell his friend, Musgrave, what he intends to do, and Georgiana picks up her things and races away from the house.  She heads to Sidmouth with her companion, determined to find a way to forget the horrible rogue who only wanted her as some kind of prize.  Soon, Lord Thornbury arrives in Sidmouth, as well, and not only does he have to uncover and stop smugglers who are using his house for their illegal activities, but he also becomes part of the cat-and-mouse chase once again with Georgiana.  But this time, Lord Thornbury seems to be the one losing his heart and soul to the beautiful English rose.
I have always been a fan of English novels, romances especially.  Only in these books can you come across a line such as, “He found the path to her esteem with the gift of a rose.”  As you read a well-written English novel, you can almost imagine Miss Jane Austen, herself, riding through the countryside writing the words that women, decades later, immersed themselves in.  This book was so well done that I’m going to “hunt” down her first novel, The Abandoned Rake, because I know that I will definitely enjoy every word.  This author certainly knows her business!  Bravo!
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Book Blurb for Lord Ware's Widow

Lady Georgiana Ware is delighted to be the object of the Earl of Thornbury's admiration, so when her hopes of being his wife are dashed, she flees south to the seaside resort of Sidmouth to recover her dignity. She is dismayed when his lordship follows her, determined to correct her opinion of him. Georgiana may find him handsome and charming but she doesn't trust him one bit. But can Georgiana conceal her growing feelings for this seductive man? More importantly, can Lord Thornbury penetrate Georgiana's defences and help her to realize that things are not always what they seem?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.75