Kate : Kate Middleton: Princess in Waiting

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Kate : Kate Middleton: Princess in Waiting

When Lady Diana Spencer was introduced to the public, even America became Princess Di watchers and lovers.  And when the woman who everyone loved met her demise at the hands of horrific media “stalkers,” the world gave out a cry of disbelief and anger.  Fans of Di’s truly have loved her sons, as well, and the world has been watching and praying that both young men will have good lives after so much tragedy.
When Kate Middleton came on the scene there wasn’t a great deal of excitement right off the bat.  In fact, it was more of a judgment against the young lady – wondering if she was truly good enough for the “world’s” Prince.  But, I have to say, after reading this fantastically well-researched lineage; I am a true Kate “believer” and fan.
Per this compelling genealogy, this will be the first time in three hundred and fifty years that a commoner may well marry the King of England.  Not only will this be a great entry for the record books but, let’s be honest, a commoner could breathe new life into an old, boring monarchy with her new, young viewpoint.  The last time this happened was when the Duke of York (the future King James II) married his sister’s ladies’ maid, Anne Hyde.  Anne not only became a popular figure among the English people, but the reign, itself, is regarded well. 
With each new chapter, the author leads us through the Harrison lineage, with all the information on when Princess Victoria was told on her eighteenth birthday that she was Queen and became the longest reigning monarch in history.  While Victoria reigned, in a cramped cottage in a suburb lived Kate Middleton’s great great great great grandmother, Jane Harrison, who was a miner’s wife.  She was not educated, as the women back then weren’t, but she was of strong and mighty stock and was a powerful base when it comes to deep-rooted family ties where courage, beauty, and grace would be found throughout the decades. 
The author does mention that in 1863 Edward VII wed Princess Alexandria and had an affair with Alice Keppel, great grandmother to Camilla Parker Bowles.  (Hmmm…there ARE certainly many close-knit interesting facts within the monarchy.)  Anyway…we move through the 1900’s and WWI.  We are faced with the monarchy and commoners going through things such as the 1929 stock market crash in America and how it affected the whole world, and then on to WWII, and how in 1935 Kate’s grandmother, Dorothy, was born; it was her pursuit of prosperity, property, and respect for her family that vaulted the Middleton’s onto “worthy” ground.  The story goes right up to Kate’s mom (a stewardess on British Airways) meeting up with Michael Middleton around the same time as Lady Di walked down the aisle.  Their business of party planning products went extremely well, and they were able to send their daughter to a private school that held the “Who’s Who” of England.  From the Brownies to Marlborough College, readers get to know the powerful, sweet, and wonderful young lady who – if Prince William is as smart as we all think he is – will be the chosen bride that will make England (not to mention the rest of the world) extremely proud.
This author has done a truly great research and writing job!
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Book Blurb for Kate : Kate Middleton: Princess in Waiting

Catherine Elizabeth "Kate" Middleton is living a perfect Cinderella fairy tale. She is the woman who won the heart of Britain's most desirable bachelor.

Academically gifted and sophisticated beyond her years, this dark&mdashhaired beauty possesses the natural poise and impeccable breeding necessary for the wife—to—be of the heir to the throne. She has charmed Prince William and his circle and captivated the entire House of Windsor. Yet there is a history behind her polished veneer that would suprise any royal court ibserver—an extraordinary, inspiring, and deeply moving tale of an impoverished working—class family that overcame deprivation and adversity to rise to the upper echelons of British society.

Based on exclusive and intimate interveiews with Kate's closest friends and relatives, and containing photographs, many published here for the very first time, Claudia Joseph's Kate is a fascinating portrait of the extraordinary young woman who may br queen—and the story of a family remarkable journey from the mining villages of Durham to an apartment in the royal residence of Clarence House.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.25