Her Abundant Joy

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Her Abundant Joy

I was lucky enough to have read the first two books in this fantastic series entitled The Desires of Her Heart and Her Inheritance Forever. Suffice to say, I was beyond excited when the final book of this trilogy landed in my mailbox.

In this story we first meet up with Carson Quinn – a Texas Ranger who has spent his life protecting and serving the Lone Star State with honor and courage. He has just gone through a very rocky patch in his life; his “true love” dumped him and married someone else, leaving Carson with a broken and battered heart. As he’s walking the muddy streets, he comes across a large group of German immigrants who are traveling through Texas on their way to their new land located west of the Colorado River. A woman suddenly faints in the harsh weather and Carson runs to her aid, picks her up, and carries her across the street to the hotel. He soon meets the leader of this group named John O. Meuserbach, and explains to him that there’s no way his group is going to make it across the harsh Texas range and avoid the marauding Indians and Mexican bandidos that are literally lying in wait for strangers to cross their path. Soon, Carson finds himself offering his leadership skills to the cold, wet, and frightened group of people who have already suffered a hard journey in order to arrive at their new “promised land.”

Sugar Quinn, Carson’s half-sister, has come to town with their parents. They’ve just left the wedding of Sugar’s horrific cousin Blanche – who was the woman who broke Carson’s heart. Riding beside Sugar is Emilio – the man she desperately wants to be with for life. What Sugar needs to reconcile within herself, before she can move on to a better future, is her past. She needs to know exactly where she came from in order to know where she’s going, and how to have a future with the man she loves.

The third main character in our saga is a young German woman by the name of Mariel. She is a servant for one of the immigrant families and, unfortunately, her master is a horrible man who wants nothing more than to slap her around and other…more vile things. One night, out on the desolate range, her master finally decides to make his move. Very quickly, he ends up bleeding and flat on his back as the courageous Texas Ranger teaches him a lesson about keeping his hands to himself. Mariel finds herself “taken in” by the Quinn family. She becomes like a daughter to Carson’s parents, and a best friend to his half-sister Sugar.

Soon, war breaks out between the Anglos and Mexicans, and the Texas Rangers are called in to do all they can for their beloved land. Sugar and Mariel decide to go to the front lines to become nurses and help in any way they can – choosing to be as close as possible to the men they love more than life.

The romance between the characters is truly inspiring. Sugar’s search for her past as she struggles to find a future with Emilio; and, Mariel’s induction into a brand new world, with a brand new hero by her side, makes for extremely pleasant reading. That, and the historical scenes of Texas going through their troubled times in 1846 were fascinating – teaching readers about a time when America was struggling with annexation issues, slavery, and a world headed for war.

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Book Blurb for Her Abundant Joy

In the final book in the Texas: Star of Destiny series, can a beautiful German immigrant escape her painful past and find peace in the arms of a Texas Ranger?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 4.00