Family Ties

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Family Ties

The Queen Mother of the family drama and the High Priestess of the romantic world is back with this brand new offering that is filled with tears, hope, love, and a strong connection to the family "spirit."

Annie Ferguson is a young, up-and-coming architect living in the Big Apple.  She has a burgeoning career at a very important firm, a wonderful home set up in the West Village, and a perfect man named Seth who wants nothing more than to spend his life with her.

Jane is Annie's sister.  She's ten years older than her and lives in Greenwich, Connecticut with her perfect husband, Bill, and their three kids.  Jane is a great woman who took over raising Annie when their parents passed away, and Annie has been indebted to Jane ever since.

One weekend, she gives Annie a call to catch her up on all the scuttle-butt.  She tells her everything that's going on with her kids:  Lizzie, her oldest child, is just like her.  She is very organized, kind, and loves the high-fashion world.  Ted, Jane's son, is just like Dad...very responsible; and, their youngest, Katie, is extremely bright and utterly fearless at five years old.  Annie loves talking to Jane, and she loves being the "cool" Aunt to the three kids.  Jane says goodbye to Annie and boards the small plane that her husband Bill, an ex-Navy pilot, is flying them out of Martha's Vineyard on.  Unfortunately, that goodbye...that lovely conversation about the wonderous meaning of life, love, and children, is literally the last goodbye for the sisters.  The next phone call Annie receives is to let her know that Bill flew into a storm and the plane crashed...leaving no survivors.

Annie immediately jumps into action, as she suddenly becomes the proud parent to her sister's kids.  Her perfect boyfriend, Seth, leaves very fast, explaining all the way that they are just too young to have a ready-made family.  The one thing Annie does hold on to, as she completely changes her life, is her job, and very soon readers are brought into the future...

Annie is now in her thirties and has her own very profitable architecture firm.  Her business brings in the cash, and Annie spends all her time in the office now that the kids are "making their marks" on the world.  Ted is in law school and doing well; Liz landed a job at Vogue and travels the globe; and, Katie is attending a school of design where she is studying to become an illustrator.  What the kids want more than anything is for their "cool" Aunt/Mom to find a man who will take care of her and love her as much as she truly deserves.  But Annie is living solely for the kids; they are her only concern and she feels the "empty nest" syndrome closing in around her as they leave home one by one.   But when a news anchor by the name of Ted Jefferson sits beside her in the emergency room of the hospital, nursing a broken bone, the mom-instinct is finally overpowered by the woman who truly has waited a very long time for someone to see what a fantastic person she is.

This fascinating tale introduces many characters into the mix such as, the assistant-temporary law professor with two chikldren and an extremely obsessive personality, that "draws" Ted in and completely changes his life for the worse.  Also, Liz's photographer boyfriend, Jean-Louis, who is most defeinitely not the right match for her; and, Katie's beau Paul, who is a native of Iran and heads back to Tehran for a visit - bringing Katie with him into a brutal world.

For any Danielle Steel fan, this is the same concoction of drama and happiness that this author has been creating for decades.  And I am quite sure that every one of the fans out there have been waiting for this to hit the shelves with bated breath.  The High Priestess is most definitely back on the scene. 

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Book Blurb for Family Ties

From Manhattan to Paris and all the way to Tehran, Danielle Steel weaves a powerfully compelling story that reminds us how challenging and unpredictable life can be—and how the bonds of family hold us together. 


Annie Ferguson was a bright young Manhattan architect with a limitless future—until a single phone call changed the course of her life forever. Overnight, she became the mother to her sister’s three orphaned children, keeping a promise she never regretted making, even if it meant putting her own life indefinitely on hold. 

Now, at forty-two, still happily single with a satisfying career and a family that means everything to her, Annie is suddenly facing an empty nest. With her nephew and nieces now grown and confronting challenges of their own, she must navigate a parent’s difficult passage between helping and letting go. The eldest, twenty-eight-year-old Liz, an overworked editor in a high-powered job at Vogue, has never allowed any man to come close enough to hurt her. Ted, at twenty-four a serious law student, is captivated by a much older woman with children, who is leading him much further than he wants to go. And the impulsive youngest, twenty-one-year old Katie, is an art student about to make a choice that will lead her to a world she is in no way prepared for but determined to embrace.

Then, when least expected, a chance encounter changes Annie’s life again in the most surprising direction of all. . . .

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 3.25