Damsel in Disguise

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Damsel in Disguise

Julia St. Clement is an actress; a very convincing one, it would seem.  She usually is a member of her father’s dramatic troupe – a group of individuals who are hired by the lords and ladies of the surrounding manors, to put on a show that will “bring down” their illustrious houses.  As we begin our story, Julia is dressed in very macho attire and hip-deep in a character that would fool just about everyone who has ever known her, including the man she’s loved all her life.
When we meet up with the beauty, she has donned a false mustache and waistcoat.  Beside her is her best friend Sophie, pretending to be her wife, as they search the countryside for Lord Anthony Rastmoor.  Lord Rastmoor is the one – the only man who Julia desperately loved thirteen years ago.  And he is also the man whose heart was broken when he thought she’d married one of his best friends and had a child with him.  Of course, that’s simply not true, and Julia has had to lay low and pretend to be deceased all these years in order to keep the truth quiet.  But when she overhears a “plan” to hurt Anthony in order to attain something called the Loveland Treasure, than Julia takes off across the land to find him and warn him of what is coming.
Very soon Lord Rastmoor figures out that the sad, doe-brown eyes looking back at him are far too familiar, and he finds that he must listen to the woman he once thought was dead explain the past thirteen years to him.  He needs to hear and understand why Julia did what she did, how she knows of a famous locket that belongs to him, and how it fell into the hands of an “enemy” who wishes to steal Anthony’s inheritance away from him.
The adventure that began thirteen years before in their lives, when Anthony and Julia had first met at a ball where she’d been posing as a gentlewoman, was hysterical.  Upon their first meeting, Anthony had already decided to make Julia his wife even after he realized that she was simply playing a character at that time, too.  And as they team up once again to find Sophie, find the missing locket, unlock the code, and unearth the mythical Loveland treasure, every page turns into a delight from this fantastic author who has an extremely quick wit.  Not only is this book a great “find” for the romance readers out there who simply love historical novels, but it’s also filled with the twists and turns that adventure fans crave.  I look forward to her next book about this illustrious cast of characters entitled, Temptress in Training.  She definitely has a gift, and readers will be glad that this author has chosen to share that gift with the rest of us.
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Book Blurb for Damsel in Disguise

An actress by trade, Julia St. Clement is playing her most dangerous role yet. She dresses as a man to warn Lord Anthony Rastmoor of a cruel plot against him. She still loves him, despite his betrayal years ago. Rastmoor believes that Julia is dead. But when Julia's actress "wife" disappears, Rastmoor and Julia must form an uneasy alliance. It's only a matter of time before he unmasks her-and there's no telling what will happen when he does.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 3.75