Can't Get Enough of You

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Can't Get Enough of You

This is truly – as all Ms. Ford’s books have been so far – a wonderful story of love, hard work, life, and the changes we all go through as we grow up and search for our dreams.
 With this new tale, we meet Jenna Gaines.  Jenna is a girl whose childhood began in foster care.  She hasn’t seen her family, which includes a twin sister, Lenna, and an older brother, Lincoln, since she was five years old and they’d been adopted by families.  She had stayed behind and grown up in a foster home until the age of eighteen.  She’s not angry about her situation, but she is excited to finally find her family and have a great big Gaines family reunion someday.
As the book begins, Jenna has just celebrated her thirty-first birthday in New York City with her friends.  She’s been living in a small Greenwich Village apartment, and has been working the pavement of Wall Street as a stockbroker/financial advisor.  This was never her career choice, but with all the hard work and saving of money, Jenna is on her way back to her hometown of Detroit, Michigan where she has finally landed the job of her dreams.  She has gotten her PhD, she’s purchased her first home, and she'll begin her job as a teacher of economics at her former college, the University of Detroit-Mercy.  She’s never been so excited; she’s waited so long to see her dream begin. 
Upon arrival, she runs into an old friend at the mall.  Although happy to see her, all Jenna can remember is the fact that Scott Hendricks is this woman’s brother, and he is also the man that Jenna once loved more than life itself.  A long time before, Scott was drafted by the NBA, and his “ideas” about life and their relationship began to change.  Although Jenna loved him, she desperately had a dream she needed to come true for herself, and their relationship ended up being left behind.  Now it seems that Scott has retired from the NBA and is suddenly, by chance, thrust into her life once again.
There are parts of this novel that are quite powerful – filled with a truly devoted and loving storyline about family, friends, love, and the sacrifices that we all must make in order to make our dreams a reality.  Jenna is an extremely strong female, and the lost love, as well as the lost family, aspects of her life are very powerful indeed.  It is no surprise, considering the previous books written by this author, that she has once again hit the “nail on the head” with her very romantic and strong characters.
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Book Blurb for Can't Get Enough of You


Funny, sexy, and hot, ex-NBA star Ralph Prescott is Vanessa Grant’s dream lover. He’s also a notorious, no-good player---the wrong kind of man for a woman with big responsibilities.  But at a mutual friend’s lavish wedding, passion and curiosity get the best of maid of honor Vanessa, and Ralph reveals himself to be the best man In more ways than one.

Ralph has had more than his share of women, but none has captivated him like Vanessa.  To convince her that his player days are behind him, he’ll have to show her what kind of man he truly is.  He’ll have to fight every inch of the way to break through her defenses and claim the blazing ecstasy they both want…and show her why she can’t---and shouldn’t---say no.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.00