Wild Boys

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Wild Boys

Gay Erotic Fiction

Satyr by Jeff Mann

Bryan has had his eye on Timmy for quite a while. Every time he drives by him, he runs home and pleasures himself to the vision of the young, sexy boy. One rainy night, his dreams finally come true. They both find out the other is gay and so starts a beautiful friendship.

Satyr was sexy, brutish at times but nevertheless, a story I won’t soon regret. While both characters have had sexual interactions previously, the age difference between these two really sets the tone for the story. Bryan knows how to treat his lover and will do whatever is needed to protect and care for Timmy. Timmy may be young, but he knows what to do and is willing to take whatever Bryan has to give.

The Devil Tattoo by Jonathan Asche

When Marty’s niece moves in, bringing her loser boyfriend, Marty finds himself overwhelmed with mixed emotions. Parker might be a loser, but he’s a sexy, mouth-watering loser and Marty can’t get his imagination under control. When he comes home one day to find Parker in nothing but underwear and porn in his hand, Marty is out of his depth. Parker has his number though and he’s going to force Marty’s hand…until Marty flips the game on him!

Delicious. The Devil Tattoo is a story where the main character has the decisions taken out of his hands, leaving him wanting. Parker’s a jerk, but he definitely shows Marty a good time in the bedroom. Parker is all good about the taking, but when Marty takes over control, will Parker walk away? I absolutely loved this story. It’s one of my favorites from this collection. The back and forth between Parker and Marty will leave you hot and bothered for sure!

Going Back For Thirds by Hank Edwards

When Mike goes to watch his ex-lovers nephew at a football game, he never expects the reaction he feels to seeing Brady. The last time he saw him, he was just a young kid. Now he’s a man…with needs that require a mature man to fill.

Oy. Everything about Going Back For Thirds was hot. The older man/young man storyline was mesmerizing. Both characters knew what they wanted and knew just how to please the other. Brady has had a crush on Mike since he was eight which I found very sweet.

Wildboys is a collection of male on male erotica that will leave you breathless. Stories from every walk of life line these pages and will have readers clamoring for more. From sweet to more hardcore, I didn’t want this collection to end. Kudos to Richard Labonte for recognizing such exquisite talent and putting together such a masterpiece!

Book Blurb for Wild Boys

Bad boys and the men who love them are the subject of this uninhibited set of stories, Wild Boys. Richard Labonté unleashes fierce fiction depicting lives lived in defiance of the rules. These independent wild-at-heart boys fascinate the men who tame them and we also have tales of the man whose heart, and body, those wild boys tame. A one-night stand turns into committed romance; a Daddy subdues a recalcitrant son; a relationship-shy guy is brought to the altar; a wild boi seduces the fellow who fears him; a bully is called to account; a teacher teaches a cocky student a lesson. Wild Boys is is a rowdy read filled with street kids, rockers, hustlers, jocks, porn stars, smartasses, gang members — young men living life on the wild side get their comeuppance.. They look like trouble and we like it!

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2012 4.50