Uptown Vampire

Big City (#4)

Uptown Vampire is a wonderfully crafted paranormal romance. I loved the internal battle Vanna felt towards her feelings for Russ vs. her obsession with becoming a vampire. The basis of the story was fun and engaging. I liked the idea of a vampire who didn’t conform to society’s views of how vampires should act or how they should look. Instead Russ was the total anti-vampire. The humor between Russ and Vanna will leave you chuckling. Vanna is so convinced that there is no way Russ can be a vampire based on his appearance. Russ loves Vanna with his entire being and he’s so patient with her…willing to give her the time and space she needs to make the right decision. There’s also a slight element of a darker edge when Vanna gets caught up in the seedier side of some vampires. Although a very quick read, Uptown Vampire will definitely hook readers and have them looking forward to more from Cynthia Sax.

Book Blurb for Uptown Vampire

Vanna has prepared her entire life to become a vampire. It is her destiny. Red-headed, constantly laughing, Russ is not her destiny. Although he claims to be a vampire, he's clearly human, and she shouldn't be attracted to him. She certainly shouldn't love him.

Russ is a vampire. He's also a romantic fool. He wants Vanna to love him for who he is and not merely for his paranormal powers. He is content to slowly seduce her with sizzling backroom sex and woo her with his questionable knowledge of all things undead.

Russ is about to discover he isn't the only vampire in the big city.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 4.00