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Lightbringer, #2

Fans of Peter Pan and other fairy tale stories will find a lot to love about Reaper. While I found the beginning a little slow, I quickly found myself falling in love with both the characters and the storyline.

Everything has been very tragic since the first book, Lightbringer. Well, folks, it hasn’t gotten any better in Reaper. Piotr and Wendy are still suffering, Eddie still isn’t awake, everyone and everything seems out to destroy our heroine and Piotr is lost in his own little world. With that being said, Reaper was amazing! Ms. McEntire doesn’t give in to the usual rushed YA happily ever after routine and I absolutely love that. It kept me reading non-stop and has me geared up for the third installment.

I devoured all the angst, the terror and worry, and I truly enjoyed the fact that while Piotr and Wendy are a “couple” the storyline didn’t concentrate directly on that. Instead, we get to discover all sorts of interesting tidbits on Piotr’s past, Wendy’s mother and that side of the family and really get to see what it means to be a Reaper. I jumped the gamut from teary eyed to terrified and relished every minute of it.

If you’re a reader looking for a non-stop, action packed fantasy story with a lot of drama and a side of scary, you have to check out Reaper. But readers beware, you need to read these in order or you will be totally lost. Kudos to Ms. McEntire for creating such a dramatic world that adults as well as teens will enjoy and characters that will stick with us long after the last page has ended.

When her mother dies, Wendy suddenly finds herself thrust into a crazy new world full of incredible surprises, beings she never thought existed and a family that never knew she existed. Descended from a long family of Reapers, Wendy discovers the Never-a world inhabiting the dead-that is a parallel universe to San Francisco. With her boyfriend Piotr on a mission to learn more about his own past and her old friend Eddie still unconscious (read Lightbringer-the first in the trilogy), Wendy realizes it’s time to depend on herself. Now she must use her powers of the Light to defeat the Walkers and to keep herself from being eliminated by her oh so loving family.

Book Blurb for Reaper

Reaper is set in a world a breath away from our own. After the death of her mother, Wendy is attempting to fill her mother's shoes and discovering that the prospect is far more difficult than she ever imagined. Learning that she is part of a powerful and ancient family of Reapers that her mother had forsaken is just the first surprise—Wendy soon discovers that the San Francisco Bay Never is filled with political powers and factions both previously unknown and completely mysterious to Wendy. Since both her mother and Piotr are gone, Wendy must struggle to maneuver between the machinations of the dead and the dark intentions of her living Reaper family.

Eventually betrayed and made sick unto death, the clock is ticking before Wendy will fall—she has only a matter of days to unravel the mysteries her mother left behind and to convince her wary family to accept her as one of their own.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2012 4.50