Naked Games

When Catherine discovers she’s adopted, she also discovers she has a sister. Determined to meet her and put together some more family roots, Catherine travel s to Ohio to find her sister Gracie. Catherine and Gracie are ecstatic to find one another. Gracie’s brother in law Dean? Not so much. He doesn’t trust Catherine at all. He’s sure she’s a manipulative piece of work just like his ex. He’ll be damned if he gets taken in by her too. That doesn’t keep him from using her for sex though. When he gets her into bed though, that’s when things get real interesting. Suddenly Dean can’t seem to get enough of her…and he doesn’t want to ever let her go. And he won’t, even if he has to tie her up and spank her to get her to stay with him.

Mmmm. Anne Rainey is an amazing erotica writer and I have always loved her storytelling skills. While in the beginning I found myself a little worried about Catherine and Dean, by the end I was whopping and clapping my hands. They were mind blowing together. The issue I had was due to Dean being so critical of anything regarding Catherine. I couldn’t figure out how they’d ever make things work. But never underestimate a woman’s powers…in and out of the bedroom. The interaction between Catherine and Gracie was very sweet. How cool yet scary to discover a sister you never knew you had. Dean is definitely a sexy Dom. I’d totally let him tie me up and have his way with me any day! The entire BDSM aspect was delicious. Catherine was a great newby sub. She was so unsure of herself and her role with Dean. It was a treat to join her in her self-discovery. You can never go wrong with an Anne Rainey masterpiece and I hope everyone loves Naked Games as much as I did.

Book Blurb for Naked Games


When Catherine Michaels tracks down her long-lost sister, Gracie, after a desperate search, she's thrilled to find her alive and well. But there's also an unexpected bonus--Gracie's sexy and single friend, Dean.


Dean is every woman's fantasy, ruggedly handsome, intense, and as Catherine discovers, a passionately adventurous lover. But his all-night appetite has a dark side. For though Catherine longs to give up all control, Dean drives her even further...demanding she learn the real art of submission.


Catherine is having the best sex of her life, opening herself to a surprising new realm of pleasure. And Dean unexpectedly starts to feel he's met his match...maybe even his soul mate. When they both want more, it gets complicated. Is it game over--or are things just heating up...?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 4.50