Morning, Noon and Night

Erotica for Couples


With her husband stressed from work, sex hasn’t been on the top of their priority list. However, he decides to give her a good-bye present before leaving on a trip she won’t soon forget…or recover from!

Quick and sexy, Jax Baynard starts this collection off with a bang…literally. Ms. Baynard is one of my favorite erotica authors and even though Four A.M. Wake-Up Call is just a tiny tidbit, it combines everything needed to make you sweat.


Every morning at 9 a.m. like clockwork, Alisha enters Stanshaw’s office. For a few minutes every morning, Alisha submits to her bosses control and dominance. From how to undress, to how to hold her posture, everything is out of Alisha’s hands-which is exactly how she likes it.

For those of you who love D/s, this story is sure to make you sweat. Stanshaw was sexy and domineering and Alisha just caved to his demands. Yum!


Trish thinks she’s over-the-hill and doesn’t have a chance in hell with her sexy, younger general manager. However, Eli has it bad for the more experienced woman and during a test drive of one of their companies SUV’s, he plans on showing her just how sexy she really is.

What an absolute sexy story. I loved everything about it. I actually felt connected to the characters even though it was such a short story. Trish might be older but she’s still got it and Eli definitely sees it. Eli is hot and I couldn’t wait to get to the juicy part of the story and I definitely wasn’t disappointed!

Morning, Noon and Night is a mouthwatering collection of short erotica stories based on getting some every hour of the day that’s sure to leave readers’ breathless and begging for more. Anything that has Alison Tyler’s name associated with is sure to be a hit and I loved every story I read. There’s just something for everyone between these pages…D/s, quickies, passionate love stories, younger/older couples and even a bit of kink along the way. From amazing authors like Sasha White (I cannot get enough of this lady!!!), Kristina Lloyd, Kate Pearce, Jeremy Edwards and too many more to count, I guarantee after you read these quickies you’ll be determined to find more sizzling stories from them all!

Book Blurb for Morning, Noon and Night

According to statistics, men think about sex 20 times a day and women around ten. Alison Tyler thinks about sex 24 hours a day and the result is this sizzling collection of headily sensual stories, Morning, Noon, and Night. Fortunately, noted eroticist Tyler is half of a happy couple, well matched in every way so no editor is better equipped to curate a book of erotica designed to stimulate the minds, hearts (not to mention everything else) and stir the souls of couples to enjoy each other morning, noon, and night. From delicious trysts at dawn's early light to naughty nooners to afternoon delight and dinner in flagrante delicto and beyond, Alison Tyler is your guide to a scorching hot sex, anywhere, anytime.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.00