Is That You, Wolf?

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Is That You, Wolf?

BEWARE! Not a Bedtime Story

Piglet is sure there’s a wolf hiding somewhere on his family’s farm. He’s determined to track him down and keep everyone safe.

Is That You, Wolf? Is a cute twist on pop up/touch books. Children are sure to enjoy sticking their hand inside the flaps and feeling everything from fur to sandpaper. A scary pop up at the end definitely adds some thrills and chills for children. Piglet is adorable and your kids will be rooting for him to find the bad wolf.

Book Blurb for Is That You, Wolf?

Brave little Piglet thinks a wolf is hiding somewhere on the farm, and he's looking for him. When kids open this book, will they be as brave as piglet? Putting an original twist on the touch-and-feel format, this book takes young readers along with Piglet on his search.

Kids are invited to slide a hand into cardboard pockets on the book's illustrations. Is the wolf hiding in one of them?

In one pocket kids' hands reach into the farmer's haystack where they touch soft fur. Is it a wolf, or is it only the farmer's cat? Another pocket produces jagged points that might be the wolf's claws. . . then another has a sticky surface that might be his tongue. The fourth hides a rough surface that might be the wolf's feet. . . and the last, a silky surface that might be his nose! But so far, nobody has seen a wolf. Then, just as Piglet and his friends are about to give up, kids open to the final two-page spread and get a scary pop-up surprise. A fierce cardboard wolf's head leaps out from the book's pages!

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 4.00