Ghosts of Boyfriends Past

Ghosts of Boyfriends Past was one heck of a roller coaster read. I actually felt totally guilty laughing throughout the story given that three of "Biz's" boyfriends had died but I couldn't help myself. The three of them were a combination of the Three Stooges and Casper's evil uncles. Biz's internal dialogue had me in stitches. I loved how she constantly tried to keep herself from falling for Mark. Mark is just downright sexy...a mix of bad boy meets nerdy reporter. Yum! Sparks definitely fly (as do the witty one-liners) between Biz and Mark. I couldn't wait to find out if they were going to end up together. A great seasonal read wrapped up with kooky paranormal elements, Vivi Andrews never disappoints readers and Ghosts of Boyfriends Past is definitely top notch!

Book Blurb for Ghosts of Boyfriends Past

Letting him in could mean losing him forever.

Elizabeth "Biz" Marks has the magic touch when it comes to matters of the heart-except her own. In a slightly tipsy fit of loneliness, she once tried to harness a little love mojo to work in her favor. Instead the spell mutated into a nightmarish curse that kills off her boyfriends on her favorite holiday: Valentine's Day.

With three permanently ex-boyfriends on her conscience and another hearts-and-flowers holiday approaching, the last thing she needs is a too-gorgeous-to-be-true reporter snooping around.

Biz just has extraordinarily bad luck, or she's a bona-fide Black Widow who bumps off her boyfriends for a chunk of the inheritance money. Either way, Mark Ellison is sure there's a story here. Especially when his attempts to charm her send her into a panic.

The harder Biz tries to keep Mark and his beguiling dimples as far away as possible, the harder he digs to get at the truth. Now she's beginning to wonder if his is the love that will finally break the curse...or if she'll be burying her heart along with him.

Warning: This book contains curses, meddling ghosts, nosy neighbors and enough peppermint Schnapps to drown the inhibitions of even the most cautious witch.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.25