I absolutely adored Fallen. Livia is a fallen angel who fell due to falling in love. I truly wanted Ty to be the perfect man to make things right for her. Ty started out as such a goof that I couldn’t help but fall for him just as quickly as Livia did. The quick witted dialogue between Livia and Ty quickly drew me in and I became more and more excited to see where things would lead with them. The explosive desire that bloomed between them kept this reader in need of a fan. Now add in the drama of Liv’s ex and all hell breaks loose…quite literally. Fallen was such a great read and I found myself extremely sad when it ended. I’ll be keeping my eye out for everything upcoming from the very talented Megan Slayer!

Book Blurb for Fallen

Livia was cast out of heaven for the crime of falling in love with a human. So what's a fallen angel to do when she meets the man of her dreams? Falling certainly has its perks.

Ty didn't expect the angel at his party to be fallen or to have a murky past. He also didn't expect her to end up in his arms. Now he's not about to let the past stand in the way of their future.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.50