Be Mine

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Be Mine

The Corny Myers Series

Let me start out by saying that Be Mine was an entertaining and quick read. However, I had serious problems staying engrossed due to the constant grammatical errors found throughout. There was a lot of humor, some really cutesy moments between Corny and her boyfriend Steve and his dog, but there were so many missing pet cases Corny was trying to solve, followed by tons of mashed up dialogue I couldn't connect to the characters. Maybe if the story had been longer or if Ms. Kleve had Corny concentrating on one missing animal it would have made a difference. According to the blurb, Be Mine was supposed to revolve more around Corny's week long gifts for Valentine's Day with Steve. While that element was there, it was overshadowed by too many other elements leaving this reader feeling empty.

Book Blurb for Be Mine

Corny has a unique psychic ability to communicate with animals, but can she come up with five days of perfect Valentines gifts for her tough-as-nails Seattle cop boyfriend.

Time is running out and Brutus—the horny Labrador, Molly—the hussy French Poodle, Hernando Lamberto—the prized Pekinese, Harry—the Penguin, Buddy the Butt Head—Iguana, and three raccoons all need Corny’s attention.

Can she pull it all together for the perfect Valentine’s Day celebration?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 2.75