The Sword of Anubis

Paranormal, 4,100 words

Morgan de Ventana finds himself in Paris in pursuit of Nicoali Kesslanski, the vampire who murdered his father. While following Nicoali, Morgan sees him murder a man in a bookstore. When he heard a woman cry out he goes to see if he can help. There he meets India, the elderly man’s granddaughter. Morgan finds out from India that Nicoali is looking for the Book of Whispers, when he learns this he shows her the Sword of Anubis, a dagger that when used with the book can kill Nicoali once and for all.
The characters in The Sword of Anubis were both enjoyable and sympathetic; it was a nice short read with action and suspense mixed together. Once started it was one that I didn’t want to put down until I was finished.

Book Blurb for The Sword of Anubis

Morgan de Ventana has tracked the vampire, Nicolai Kesslanski to a small book shop in Paris where, finally, he has the chance to avenge the murder of his father. But with Paris in turmoil and the Bastille about to be attacked, why would Kesslanski be interested in a book shop? What was it he so desperately sought that he'd kill an old man to get his hands on it?

India has protected the secret all her life. Her parents were murdered for it by Nicolai Kesslanski years ago. Now, her grandfather, the only family she had left, lays dead upon the floor of the bookshop he so loved. Should she trust the tall, dark stranger who came to her aid? India is prepared to die to keep the secret from Kesslanski, but is she also willing to risk Morgan’s life?


Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2009 3.50