The Cowboys and the Cupcakes

The Cowboys and the Cupcakes is a fun, genre mix of Contemporary Western and BDSM. Jessica Davenport has spent her whole life riding horses and competing in roping competitions. She has a female partner to share her life and two fulltime businesses. Now all she wants is to ride in the Roping Nationals. However, it is nearly impossible as a woman.

What happens when this over-achieving woman meets the man capable of filling her life’s dream?

Meet Clint Cruze, he is that cowboy. Rugged, strong and narrow-minded, he is sure of himself and his riding capabilities. He, too, is looking forward to the Nationals until his riding partner, Lance injures is hand. This leaves an opening for Jess she is willing to fight for.

Jessica introduces Clint and Lance to a lifestyle that opens Lance’s eyes and makes Clint cringe. Lance thinks he is in love with Clint but never pursues anything more than what Clint could give him. Which is only friendship and being Clint's roping partner.

I appreciate the author writing from the perspective of deep emotions. Everyone has motivations and hang-ups and she weaves a tale that blends lifestyles. Love, dedication, domination, and growth make this story worth reading. This is a book I would read again and look forward to reading other stories from Melanie Thompson.

Book Blurb for The Cowboys and the Cupcakes

Clint Cruze and Lance Summers are rodeo cowboys and team ropers. Jessica Davenport and Melissa LeBlanc bake cupcakes by day and run a sex club by night. When Clint meets Jess, his desire for her leads him into a crazy world filled with prancing ponies, paddles and sizzling sex.

Lance thinks he’s gay, though he’s never actually been on a date with a man. He’s been in love with Clint since Clint saved him as a child. When Clint takes him to the Prancing Pony, his eyes are opened to a new world and a whole new way to love and be loved.

Clint and Lance are qualified for the national team-roping finals, but so is Jess. Roping in the national team roping event is her dream. When Lance gets injured and can’t go, Jess begs Clint to take her. There’s no way Clint is roping with a chick in the nationals. It will take a miracle for her to realize her dream, and a miracle for any of them to find love.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 4.00