Embrace the Moment: Semper Paratus

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Embrace the Moment: Semper Paratus

This is about the struggles between an officer and an enlisted in the Coast Guard.  Theirs is the normal struggle of discovery when a romance develops between the two classes.  Lark is the officer and would gladly give up her commission if Acer would commit to their relationship.  She, however, knows the struggles Acer faces with making that decision.  Their relationship is a battle of wills.  At work, she is the dominant one as his superior, but in their personal relationship, she is the submissive

When on a mission rescuing crew member from a scuttle fishing ship, Lark has to make a command decision to leave Acer behind.  She followed correct operating procedure, which meant the rescued personnel were taken out of the danger zone and Acer was left behind.  She put up the front of not having any feelings when she did her job and not letting her emotions show when her fellow team mates accused her of having no heart. 

After a long vigil of waiting, Acer is found and rescued. During his time in recovery, they both make some decisions about their relationship. There is still much to be resolved between Lark and Acer, to give these lovers their happy ending.

I was drawn into the story from the beginning.  Throughout the story I would run the gamut of feeling close to tears for one or the other and wanting to pop them upside the head to knock some sense into their heads. I don’t want to give the story’s resolution away, but it is more than worth the read.  I would love to read more of their missions and the growth of their love.

Book Blurb for Embrace the Moment: Semper Paratus

# of pages or word count: 66 pages
Genre: Contemporary erotic romance
Heat rating: 3 Novas
Naval Aviator Lark Maddox works for the United States Coast Guard. Honor and Integrity are the morals she lives by, yet her heart has been stolen by one under her command.
Master Chief Survival Tech Acer Davidson doesn't believe in love or marriage and has forsworn making any permanent ties. When tragedy occurs, will he seize the opportunity of a lifetime or let the best thing in his life float away on the rippling tide.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.50