Genre: Paranormal / Contemporary

Parker Rigby comes to the mountains to commit suicide, but ends up treating a mysterious man for a bullet wound. The man, Jindra, is a shape-shifting raptor, the son and heir of the ailing chief. His unscrupulous cousin will do anything to replace him as leader of the flock, but all Jindra himself wants is to find a mate and settle down in the human city. Falling in love with Parker at first sight, it seems as though all his dreams are about to come true, but can he trust the human to know what he really is and not betray him? And can he really get away from his cousin's enmity and the deadly power-politics of the flock?

This was an excellent read. The writing is lively, fast paced and witty - I enjoyed the boys' banter a great deal. The story is complex and all the characters, from the leads to the supporting players, are likable and fun to spend time with. The details of the shapeshifter's culture, and the way they blended in with human society were fascinating. And the relationship between Jindra and Parker was very hot, and very romantic too, without being at all mushy. A big thumbs up for this one.

Book Blurb for Windswept

Pushed to his emotional limits, ER physician Parker Rigby came to the mountains to contemplate suicide. Instead he finds a handsome, naked man suffering from a bullet wound. When Parker saves him, he has no way of knowing the man will change his entire life.

In a realm where ménage is the norm, a rogue raptor seeks one soul mate among humans. Jindra Salman is part of a race of shapeshifting birds called Raptvyns. As son of the flock leader, he is next in line to rule and is expected to produce an heir with a mate selected by his father. Jindra wants neither leadership nor an heir. His greatest desire is to fall in love and share his life with a partner of his choosing. While returning home due to a family crisis, Jindra, in bird form, is shot out of the sky and rescued by a gorgeous hiker.

Parker and Jindra learn it takes more than instant attraction and fantastic sex for human and Raptvyn to mix. They must learn to be honest with each other because when their worlds collide, their very lives depend on the depth of their love and trust.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2007 4.00