The Lost Temple of Karttikeya

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The Lost Temple of Karttikeya

The Collector 9

Rookie cop, Brandon, is losing his two-timing boyfriend Phil to marriage. When he is sent to investigate a theft at the house of a man known as The Collector, he is offered a bargain - he will find a mystic statue at the Lost Temple of Karttikaya, and in return he will be granted his heart's desires. Thinking that his heart's desire is to get Phil back, Brandon takes the job. Soon he finds himself exploring the beautiful and treacherous jungles of India, with a sexy new partner, archaeologist Christian. Together they face deadly temple guardians, vampires and preternatural beasts, as it becomes increasingly obvious to Brandon that his hearts desire is only to get out of this alive, and with Christian.

This book hits the ground running and never really lets down the pace. Brandon's boyfriend Phil is such a ghastly and charmless bastard that you're egging Brandon on all through the scenes with Christian. I certainly got a bit impatient with Brandon for not ditching the worthless man earlier. But Christian's own quest for his father is very touching and made me cry at the end, and I loved the Indiana Jones feel to the section in the jungle. The temple guardians were easily horrifying enough and I was pleasantly surprised by the twist in their tale. A real page-turner with likeable heroes, hot sex and enough mystery and adventure to keep you eagerly reading on - and a very satisfying conclusion. My one nitpick with it was that everyone keeps telling Brandon that he's brave and intelligent, but to me he comes across as a bit of a wuss. Like Brandon himself, I'm not sure what Christian sees in him.

Book Blurb for The Lost Temple of Karttikeya

Series: The Collector; Previous Book: The Onyx Palace

Series Note: The Lost Temple of Karttikeya is the conclusion of The Collector series.

Genre: LGBT Paranormal

Length: Novel

Embroiled in a lustful, raw, and unhealthy sexual relationship with his cop partner, charmer Phil Gates, police detective Brandon King sees this as his last chance at happiness. Despite the fact his cop instincts tell him to move on, fear of being alone makes him hold on tighter.

During the course of an investigation, a mysterious man know only as the Collector crosses Brandon's path. He offers Brandon a chance at obtaining his deepest desire. Desperate to make his doomed relationship with Phil work, Brandon's heart overrules his head and he eventually accepts the quest to find an ancient Hindu statue.

His investigation leads him to join forces with a charismatic, attractive, but enigmatic explorer, Christan Carter, who stirs more than just Brandon's professional curiosity. Fighting their mutual attraction, Brandon lets Christian lead him on an adventure into the jungles of India where they meet deadly challenges presented by the primitive land and encounter a centuries old love affair. Here they find themselves at the mercy of a powerful temple guardian unlike any they could have imagined. Brandon has to decide if the price of his desire is worth the personal cost.

But does he even know what his true desire is? Or who?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Male/male sexual practices.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 4.50