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A competently written example of pure and simple wank-fodder, with a passing wave at Greek mythology. If your kink is for pretty, weepy, uke boys with strange colored eyes and big, merciless, cruel dominants with unfeasibly huge pricks, then this will definitely do the trick for you. If not, it has nothing else to recommend it, so you'd do better to give it a miss.

Book Blurb for Reflections

Half god, half mortal and all man, selfish Narcissus is wanted dead. not alive by a jealous Hera. Sent to kill Narcissus, Eleiades finds himself captivated, intrigued, and enamored for the first time in eons. Now he must decide: quench the flame of love before it ignites or change the game and court the enmity of a goddess?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2007 2.50