Pledge Slave

Contemporary/Paranormal M/M

Andrew Baines' life is taken up by trying to be the man his father wants him to be. He must enter the house at college, which his father insists on, become a lawyer, marry a trophy wife and make his family proud. But to his immense shame, part of the initiation rituals for the house is to be given to Tony Ginelli as a pledge slave, and when things turn sexual, he discovers he likes it. Being gay is just one of Tony's secrets, however, and easier to overcome than the wolf within. When Andrew discovers what Tony really is he flees, horrified, into the closeted and meaningless life his father had planned for him, and the book opens as he sets the gun between his teeth, about to kill himself with despair.

I really liked this book. The cruelty of the house hazing and the jerks in charge, Andrew's stifling internalized homophobia and Tony's care to keep himself from accidentally harming humans, while being estranged from his pack by his love for one - these were all realistically handled and gritty enough to make the interludes of love between the two leads really seem like something worth giving everything else up for. Tony's werewolf nature was dealt with in a way that acknowledged the monstrous, rather than as a fluffy wish-fulfillment device, and because of the genuine danger, the love stood out as something all the more precious. Good stuff!

Book Blurb for Pledge Slave

Andrew Baines is a new member of Alpha Psi, a reluctant pledge to the college's most popular fraternity. On the last night of Hell Week, Andrew completes his initiation with a carnal act designed to humiliate him. But instead of disgusting him, the deeply erotic encounter arouses him almost unbearably. Andrew is confused and tortured by his reaction. He doesn't want to think about the terrible urges he keeps buried inside, let alone act on them…urges that will get him kicked out of the fraternity and disowned by his family.

Tony Ginelli is an Alpha Psi brother, the recipient of Andrew's act of erotic initiation. When Andrew becomes his slave for the next two semesters, Tony masters the handsome pledge in every way that counts. As Tony discovers Andrew's long-held secrets and desires, the lovers forge a bond that lasts beyond college. But while Tony helps Andrew face his demons, he is terrified to reveal his own dark secret…one that could kill the very man he loves.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 4.00