Perfecting Pearl

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Perfecting Pearl

Sean Pearl is looking for Mr. Right. Luckily, Mr. Right literally falls at his feet. Even more luckily they end up with a baby too, and they live domestically and happily ever after.

Seriously, that's about as complex as the plot gets. This is, in my opinion, an unhappy marriage of over explicit emotionless sex and shmoopy domestic fluff. The boys shag a lot and pick out curtains while fate (or the author) gives them everything they could desire without their having to lift a finger. I think it is a major problem when there is no conflict, no struggle, and no evidence of the characters doing anything at all to earn their happy ending.

So while I could see this as potentially a wish fulfillment fantasy for some people, I personally found it as sickening as being forced to eat too much sugar.

Book Blurb for Perfecting Pearl

Sean Pearl has tried everything to find that one special person to share his life. He's endured endless evenings in nightclubs and horrendous singles' events. But, despite his sexy good looks, he always returns home alone because he won't settle for less than what his heart seeks. Sean couldn't believe that all it took was a quick trip through the doors of a department store for him to discover the love he's been waiting for—someone who can match his sexual desires.

When Terry Winston slipped on the ice, he never dreamed that the man helping him to his feet personified the qualities he had searched for in a lover. Nothing about Sean suggested his sexual orientation. Yet it was like sniffing the air and catching a scent.

Together, they will discover that love has no boundaries, no set of perfect rules.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2007 2.00