Missing Pieces

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Missing Pieces

Dante's World

Two men find themselves together in a small cabin in the midst of snowy wilderness. They have no idea why they are there, or who they are, but they are instantly drawn to one another as though they have been lovers for a long time. But that isn't possible, is it? Because one of them is a vampire.

This is beautifully written, both the setting and the characters came alive for me and I could practically feel the cold outside, and the heat inside ;) I found the puzzle of who these two were as intriguing as they did themselves, and the story which they eventually pieced together - of a dangerous love across species, a love that has no natural home and has left them without a friend - both moving and in its way believable.

The initial instant, ravenous attraction between the two is very hot, but I did find that it became wearing by the end. It was hard to convince myself that that level of mindless desperation had anything to do with love, and by the end it seemed a distraction. But that's a small quibble, and the lyricism and power of this novella makes it more than worth the price. Highly recommended!

Book Blurb for Missing Pieces

Return to Dante's World, where life is hard and the supernatural exists side by side with everyday life. Or not so everyday. Anything can happen, and often does.

In the middle of sex, two men simultaneously lose their memories. They don't know why they're trapped in a snowstorm outside of the Capitol city, exactly where they are, why they've gone there, or even who they or what their names are. They have no idea of what's happened to cause their amnesia.

There are only two things they know for certain. One, they are passionate lovers.

Two -- one of them is a vampire.

Come unravel the mystery.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 4.00