Lev's Discovery

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Lev's Discovery

The Felidae 4:

Aaron is a human being who has been captured by the cat-like people known as the Felidae. He has to come to terms with the fact that he is a soulmate to the lion-like Lev. Meanwhile Lev's mate (but not soulmate) Morgan has to accept that he can't get in the way of the soulbond between Aaron and Lev. Lev himself is also surprised (as am I, I admit) by the fact that having a soulbonded mate automatically makes him a candidate for leadership of the Pride, and has to go through an initiation ceremony which appears to be nothing more than sitting still and suffering some bad dreams. Fortunately everything can be solved by three-way sex, so they do a lot of it.

As a premise, the idea of a human man finding he's soulbonded to a cat like alien and his mate is an interesting one. Possibly this might have been explored more thoroughly in one of the earlier books, but the only apparent benefit of the previous books here is to have a number of characters present whose relationships to each other are needlessly described at length, but who don't do anything. Lev's initiation is deeply underwhelming. Aaron appears to have no emotional reaction at all which can't be solved by sex, and essentially the story is just a thin excuse for a threesome. Fortunately the sex scenes themselves are quite good, but I was left feeling it was a wasted opportunity for something more interesting.

Book Blurb for Lev's Discovery

Lev Gatti has been with his lover, Morgan, for years. He is deeply in love with him, but for the past few months Lev has been having erotically charged dreams about another man, a human. A man he's never met.

Morgan Laren has been with the Gatti brothers since he was a cub. From his first taste of the carefree, fun-loving Lev, he's wanted to be with him. He doesn't know if that's possible anymore -- how can he fight against a mate bond?

Aaron Coleman has just been thrust into a world he didn't know existed. He's being forced to adapt and find a way to live among alien beings very different from him. Yet, despite his own serious misgivings, he can't stop thinking about both the fun-loving Lev and the wise-cracking Morgan.

When Lev makes a discovery about himself, will it be possible for him to make room in his new life for both Morgan and Aaron?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2007 2.50