Epiphany: Shining Through

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Epiphany: Shining Through

It is the final night of the twelve nights of Christmas, and at the BSDM club, Master Rose is about to give his final performance when the sub he has worked with for years falls ill and an inexperienced pushy boy called Paulo insists on taking his place. Will Master Rose's last performance end in disaster for himself and his sub, or will it be the beginning of a better thing for them both?

This is a lovely little story. The writing is elegant and clear and - appropriately for the title - full of light. Not being a player myself, I found the BSDM details fascinating in themselves. Paulo's blend of naivety and strength is very attractive, even though I haven't read `Heard on High' in which he features. And Master Rose's blend of authority and careful attention to detail makes him seem both sexy and trustworthy. I was particularly impressed to find that the BSDM play came across almost as a religious experience. That's my one quibble with the piece too, however. For me the ecstasy it invoked was more spiritual than physical. I was intrigued and entertained, but I didn't find it particularly sexy. But that's such a personal thing that your mileage may vary, of course.

Book Blurb for Epiphany: Shining Through

Paulo sings in the choir introduced in Heard on High. When he goes to see his friend Jim perform at a BDSM club, he's fascinated by the man's partner, Master Rose. So, when he finds out that Jim isn't feeling well on the night of Epiphany, he jumps at the chance to fill in for the final performance of the holidays, not knowing this is Master Rose's final performance at the club, not knowing how far he'll be pushed. Or how far both of them might fall.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 4.00