Dragon's Stone

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Dragon's Stone

Raised as an orphan in our own world, Jack has recently found out he's the son of the evil king of Honalee. He's also the rider of a gay dragon, who - in his human form - is his lover. He's also an untrained wizard. Now he must go back to the land of Honalee, train at the wizard school and avoid having his father the king find out who he is. There's also a stone in it, but who knows what that's about?

I admit, I'm a sucker for stories with wizards, dragons, elves and all that jazz, and indeed there were parts of this story where I was really sucked in and breathlessly turning the page to see what happened next. It's a plus for the story that I was sufficiently interested in the school bully, the mysterious stone, and the possibility of Jack's evil father finding him, to want to fast forward over the largely irrelevant, unengaging and unbelievable sex scenes. It's a minus for the story that - instead of anything happening with these interesting plot elements - what we got was an even more unbelievable and unengaging threesome, and the promise that the story was continued in the next book. Seriously, they've taken the prologue to an interesting story, cut it off at an arbitrary point, and then expected you to pay for it! A more grasping piece of marketing, I've never encountered. Well, sorry, but its setting is straight out of an inferior D&D campaign, with flavorings of Anne McCaffrey's Pern books and Harry Potter. The place is even called 'Honalee' - which I'm sure you'll recall is the land in the song 'Puff the Magic Dragon'! And none of this makes me think I'll be missing anything vital if I don't shell out the extra money to read the next book, which presumably contains the three-quarters of the story missing from this one.

Book Blurb for Dragon's Stone

Jack has more problems than you can shake a wand at. He's the son of the usurper to the throne, an untrained wizard with a powerful gift, a gay dragonrider, and a cryptozoologist in a world full of mythical creatures.

Now he's going to school where one of his teachers is a biker turned dragonrider. Men are treated as second-class citizens in Honalee, so this is his one chance to be something other than a stud wizard for the local sorceresses. If that wasn't bad enough, some mythical object called the Dragon's Stone has been stolen. How much do they expect of a reluctant heir to the throne, anyway?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 2.00